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Online PhD Degree Programs – Pacifica Graduate Institute

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Online PhD Programs in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute

Online PhD Programs in Psychology Phd ceremoneyThis post will explain background and facts about Online PhD Programs in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Pacifica Graduate Institute is a for-profit, accredited American graduate school that offers master’s as well as doctoral degrees in the fields of humanities, psychology and mythological studies. They have two campuses near Santa Barbara, California. The institute can find many of their central ideas in the heritage of dramatists, ancient story tellers as well as philosophers from every place that kept a record of the workings of the imagination. The legacies of the people involved has since evolved into various cultural perspectives and contexts which include the systematic explorations into the unconscious initially done by Jung, Freud and the other scholars of inner life.

Course Framework – Online PhD Programs in Psychology

Online PhD Programs in Psychology Grad HatPacifica Graduate Institute offers Distance PhD Programs on Clinical Psychology and Depth Psychology. Their program on depth psychology is centered on the psyche and is informed by the Jungian psychoanalytic thought which integrates the best of the current psychological theory as well as other innovative findings that help educated the mind and body even further. On the other hand, their program on Clinical Psychology integrates practice, theory and ethics as well as places emphasis on a wide range of different perspectives on assessment, psychopathology, research and intervention. Both PhD Programs have requirements that an interested student must satisfy in order to qualify for them.

Online PhD Programs in Psychology for Busy Professionals

Do take note of the fact that the Online PhD Programs currently being offered by Pacifica Graduate Institute are taught in the weekends as well as during summer sessions. After that, the students would then be free to continue their studies in their own homes thus making the residency requirement quite low and manageable.

If you are interested doing your own research to find further information about Online PhD Programs in Psychology, than must read our article on “Online Professional Doctorate Degree Programs in Clinical Psychology” and Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Canterbury Christ Church University.

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