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Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at Trinity College Dublin UK

The Trinity College Dublin is the only constituent college associated with the University of Dublin. The school was established in 1592 and is considered a parent school to the University of Dublin. The school models itself after many distinguished schools such as Cambridge and Oxford. The Trinity College Dublin is considered amongst the ancient universities and is one of the oldest universities within Ireland as well as the United Kingdom.

The PhD Scholarships

The Trinity College Dublin provides PhD scholarships for merit based reason. These scholarship may be awarded based off of academic merit as well as professional and personal merit. All of these scholarships are highly competitive and only the most qualified applicants are considered for these scholarships.

These scholarships cover the full fees for domestic tuition. International applicants are still encouraged to apply with the understanding that they will be responsible for ensuring funding to cover the difference in tuition fees. These PhD scholarships also award a generous living allowance for applicants that qualify. Other grants and funding are available to applicants that have travel needs, or additional dependents. Any additional funding will be awarded at the discretion of the college.

The duration of these scholarships last for the full tenure of your doctoral studies in a full time study session. This tenure typically last 3-4 years full time. These scholarship are not available part time.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Applicants should be ready to submit a completed research proposal containing a detailed hypothesis and detailed research outline. This will help the university determine if you are the right fit for their research projects.
  • International applicants must ensure funding for the difference in tuition rates before the start of the academic semester. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the research project and loss of funding.
  • International applicants also must satisfy language assessment requirements if applicable.
  • All previous academic transcripts and previously obtained degrees must be submitted to the college in order to assess academic merit. All professional and personal achievements should be sent in to be considered by the university.

Unless stated otherwise it should be noted that these scholarships have an open deadline. It should also be noted that the earlier a submission the more consideration it will receive and the higher the applicants chance of being awarded a PhD scholarship.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Below is a composed list of all the different departments and faculties that provide PhD scholarships through Trinity College Dublin.

The Department of Natural Sciences: This department provides 5 PhD scholarships for students at the college.

  • Geomorphology Processing on Earth and Mars
  • Global Changes and the Stability of Our Ecosystem
  • Geographies in Financing
  • The Role of Advance Living Labs in Supporting Behavioral Changes in a Sustainable Household
  • Phylogeny and New Plant Species Located in Asia.


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