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135 International PhD scholarships at University of Bristol UK for 2015-16

The University of Bristol is a research intense red brick university. The University of Bristol is located within Bristol, UK. The university was awarded university status in 1909 and has since been ranked respectively as a research intensive university. The university is a member of the Russell Group and many other university organizations. The University of Bristol strives to educate over 21,000 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Bristol strives to provide its brightest students with the means to fund their doctorate educations. The University of Bristol is pleased to offer 135 PhD scholarships in various disciplines. These scholarships are highly competitive and awarded to the students that show the most promise and merit.

These scholarships cover the cost of tuition and fees for the program for all students. Domestic students will automatically qualify for an annual stipend to help cover the cost of living. International students may be awarded stipends if funding is available and certain criteria are met. International students are awarded the opportunity to secure additional funding to help cover living expenses. These PhD scholarships last a duration of 3-6 years. Students are required to maintain full time status in order to receive these scholarships. Each of these universities have their own set of rules and regulations. Deadlines are important. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are meeting all deadline requirements.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list below includes some of the PhD scholarships available at the university. The disciplines for the scholarships are all listed below.

Biological and Medical Science: 122 scholarships

  • Detailed Analysis of Lipoprotein Profiles and Cardiac Function in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes and Relations to Physical Activity
  • Age at Puberty and Cardio-metabolic Health in Adolescents

Business and Finance: 1 PhD scholarship

  • Investigating the Impact of Point of Care Testing for Infections Within Primary Care

Chemical Science: 28 scholarships

  • Studies of Thermionic and Field Emissions from Chemically Modified CVD Surfaces in Diamonds
  • Biomimetic Ceramic/Polymer Composites for Dental Restoration

Earth Science: 12 scholarships

  • Closing the Global Budget of One of the Atmosphere’s Most Powerful Greenhouse Gases
  • Animal Collective Behaviors: Avoiding Predators and Making Group Decisions

Engineering: 16 scholarships

  • Water Informatics: Synthetic Biology and Engineering
  • Nanoparticle Systems Undergoing Vitrification and Crystallization

Law: 1 PhD scholarship

  • Postgraduate Research at the University of Bristol Law School

Math and Computing: 40 scholarships

  • Developing Approaches for Mass Spectrometry Based Analysis of Complex Petrochemical Deposits
  • Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science

Physical Science: 21 scholarships

  • Strong and Tough Hydrogels and Composites for Cartilage Repair and Replacement
  • Examining the Role of Intra-Renal Hypoxia in Relation to Chronic Kidney Disease

Social Science and Health: 41 scholarships

  • An Investigation of Intra-Uterine Nutrition and Prenatal Development Applying the Principal of Mendelian Randomization.
  • Battle of the Wills or Perfect Harmony: Early Exposure to Environmental Toxins and Child Parent and Sibling Relationships

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