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PhD Scholarship Programs – University Of Kent

This article deals with the basic requirement for the scholarship program and how the grant is provided to the students.

University of Kent has been shaping the careers of students since 1959. It has been offering various courses including undergraduate courses, postgraduate and part-time courses to the students. It is located in UK and has students from all over the world. It also carries out research program which is well recognized in the world and has been ranked 24th in the world for its research. It is now present at different European locations helping students from all over the world. It also helps students with its PhD scholarship programs. These scholarships are awarded on academic, sporting and musical merit. Besides PhD scholarship program it also help students with its funding opportunity from various source.

The Kent business school has recently rolled out PhD programs in business management field which covers all the fields of business. It is inviting applicants for full time research scholarship leading to the doctoral degree in business management. All post-graduate research applicants from UK, EU and overseas fee paying students are invited to apply. It is offering 5 PhD scholarship programs for students. The PhD scholarship program will commence in October 2012.

The eligibility criteria for this PhD scholarship program are excellent post-graduation qualification. Candidates applying for the scholarship also require submitting electronic research proposal of 1500-2000 words together with the transcripts of under-graduate and post-graduate degrees. The student must have excellent communication skills through which they would be able to explain their research proposal and will convey the passion for their research work. They will be acting as ambassadors of the university and their subject hence it is expected from them to show conviction and determination in their research proposal. On the basis of the applications received students are selected on various parameters to undergo an interview which will decide about the successful candidates to be awarded with the scholarship.

Scholarships are granted in the form of Graduate teaching assistantship (GTA). The students receive financial support in return for teaching. This Assistantship will cover the whole tuition fees and salary and maintenance grant at the same rate as the UK research council grants. The students are selected purely on the basis of academic excellence, achievements in their field, communication skills and their contribution to the university in terms of quality. The students working as GTAs are both students in receipt of scholarship award and teaching employee of the University and hence are eligible for the benefits of both the agreement. They also have to abide by the both the position’s term and condition. The applicants may apply in different fields of business and management like marketing, supply chain management, value chain, and management of SME, accounting, natural resource management, HRM, organizational behavior, employee engagement, financial econometrics, risk management and many more.

For international students studying at the Kent business school PhD scholarship programs and funding are present. There are national schemes in which the students can enroll to earn the benefits. Students from Africa, Canada, china, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, USA, South-Africa, Romania, turkey and Spain can earn scholarships through their countries funding schemes. International students can also avail the students’ loyalty discounts from the University. Students from America and Canada can apply for the loans through its foreign Loans department. The university helps the student through its funding and other sources and allocates 2-3 million pounds for supporting the students financially.

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