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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Linguistics

Online PhD in Linguistics – Overview

An Online PhD in Linguistics or a EdD in Linguistics requires extensive library research work and some field work. A PhD in Linguistics is awarded usually solely on the basis of a dissertation and its successful defense. As in all PhD programs, however, students are trained to do high-level research and the process will take more than a year of training. Acquiring a PhD in Linguistics, should therefore take a minimum of 2 years. The process of acquiring the degree is supervised by a faculty staff and the proposed topic for dissertation has to be approved by the supervisor before the student can begin researching on it.

Branches – Online PhD in Linguistics

Online PhD in Linguistics University of UlsterThere are several branches in Linguistics and Distance PhD programs offer the student several choices for acquiring their degree. If a student wishes to teach upon graduation, he should take a PhD course and if he intends to work as a Linguist, an EdD degree would be a better choice. Standard prerequisites apply – even students applying through Distance PhD programs should have a Master’s degree or have a professional capacity that is equivalent to it. Some schools require students to pass a qualifying exam. A TOEFL is hardly a requirement in this case, because anyone studying Linguistics should know how to speak English already.

 Contacts  – Online PhD in Linguistics

Online PhD in Linguistics University of EssexAny student intent on acquiring a terminal degree – academic or professional – should contact the school of their choice, inquire into their accreditation, the courses they offer and ask organizations or associations such as the American Association for Applied Linguistics for referrals. It would be a tragedy to spend so much time on a degree from a source not recognized by the professional language community.


Please read our articles about University of Essex and University of Ulster for Online PhD in Linguistics.

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