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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Canadian Universities

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation for Canadian Universities

Just like in the US, Canadian education is deregulated, with individual provinces ‘recognizing’ educational institutions that operate within their jurisdictions. Hence, Canada has no system of national accreditation that ensures that a particular school or program adheres to high educational standards.

Accreditation Bodies and Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD Degree Programs Athabasca University CanadaHowever, if you are signing up for online PhD degree programs from a Canadian institution of higher learning, make sure it is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada is a national organization of 95 private and public non-profit universities and degree-issuing colleges that ensures that its members adhere to quality assurance standards and processes that the organization itself has developed; hence, membership in the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, along with adherence to the relevant provincial legislation, is considered as good as formal accreditation.

You can also ensure that you are signing up for quality online PhD programs by seeing if they are accredited by the professional bodies of a certain profession, i.e. the Computer Science Accreditation Council or the Canadian Association of Schools for Nursing. Christian universities may also have separate accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools in the US and Canada and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Accredited Universities and Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD Degree Programs Mcgill University CanadaA university, or a particular department, may also seek to reassure students that they intend to maintain high educational standards by becoming members of a professional association, such as the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration. This indicates that they are committed to upholding quality standards in their on-campus and online PhD degree programs. In this regard, there are numerous recognized universities offering distance PhD Programs, including McGill University, Athabasca University of Alberta and Brock University.

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