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83 Fully Funded International and National PhD Scholarships at Cardiff University UK for 2016-17

This article provides PhD scholarship information from Cardiff University.

Cardiff University is a Welsh research university located within Cardiff, Wales. This research university is composed of three main colleges. Cardiff University was established in 1883, and helped contribute to the founding of other prestigious Welsh universities. Cardiff University has been ranked respectively amongst other similar universities. The Cardiff University accommodates over 30,000 students per academic school year.

PhD Scholarships

The Cardiff University has 83 PhD scholarships available to PhD candidates. These PhD scholarships are research intensive and are available to the most qualified candidate. Many of these PhD scholarships award full tuition waivers and a stipend to help cover the expenses accumulated while trying to finish your doctorate.

International students are welcome to apply to most of these PhD scholarships. International students should be advised that stipends are only promised to domestic students and in most cases international students will have to seek additional financial assistance. Each PhD scholarship has their own terms and conditions and all students are encouraged to read through them in their entirety.

Deadlines are final. Applications submitted after deadlines will not be considered. Students applying for open deadline scholarships are encouraged to apply as soon as they are able as these spots fill up quickly.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list provided below states all the departments offering PhD scholarships. The listed scholarships are just some of the many PhD scholarships provided by the university.

  • Arts: There are 6 available scholarships.
    • The School of English, Philosophy, and Communication
    • The School of History, Archeology and Religions
  • Biological and Medical Sciences: There are 39 available scholarships.
    • The Systematic Biologic Approach to Understanding the Programming of Mother and Offspring Interactions
    • Ecology and Interactions of the Dark Matter Bacteria and Archaea in Marine Sediments
  • Business and Finance: There are 2 available scholarships.
    • Doctoral Training in Business
    • Doctoral Training in Finances
  • Chemical Science: There are 42 available scholarships.
    • Exploiting Genomics to Understand Microbial Adaptions and Resistance to Industry Preservations
    • The New Sensors for the Old Switch: Kinase Sensors in Higher Plants
  • Earth Science: There are 40 available scholarships.
    • Nutrient Specific Foraging and the Roles of Spiders as Predators
    • Polar Bear Health- The Interactions Between Their Diets, Gut Microbiota and the Parasites
  • Engineering: There are 11 available scholarships.
    • Doctoral Training in Water Information: Science and Engineering
    • Structural and Nanoscale Assembly for Bioplastic Producing Enzymes
  • Humanities: There are 12 available scholarships.
    • Doctoral Training in Journalism, Media, and Cultural Studies
    • The School of Modern Languages
  • Law: There are 3 available scholarships.
    • The School of Law
    • The School of Social Science and Law
  • Math and Computing: There are 16 available scholarships.
    • Molecular and Developmental Analysis of the Production of Sperm in Drosophilia
    • Doctoral Training in Mathematics
  • Physical Science: There are 15 available scholarships.
    • 3D Structure Studies for Foetal Corneal Development
    • Geometry, Deformation, and Seismic Style of Oceanic Transform Faults
  • Social Science and Health: There are 18 available scholarships
    • Doctoral Training in Journalism, Media, and Cultural Studies
    • The School of Modern Languages

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