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98 Fully Funded International PhD Scholarships at University of Nottingham UK for 2015-16

The University of Nottingham is a public university of research located within Nottingham, England. The university received royal charter in 1948 and is associated with many research groups such as the Russell Group. The university is considered an elite university and alumni are targeted by employers. The school holds many prestigious rankings amongst other similar universities. The University of Nottingham seeks to educate over 34,000 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Nottingham seeks to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible. This year the University of Nottingham is awarding 98 PhD scholarships in various disciplines. Each of these scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to the students that present the most merit and promise. Students that are awarded these scholarships will be presented with the opportunity to work on ongoing research projects.

These scholarships cover the full cost of tuition for all students. Domestic students are also qualified to receive an annual stipend to help cover the cost of living. International students may be awarded stipends if funding allows. The duration of these scholarships is 3-6 years in a full time setting. Each of these scholarships have strict regulations and deadlines. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are meeting all deadlines. Students will not be considered for the award after the deadline has passed.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list below provides all the various disciplines that are awarding PhD scholarships at the University of Nottingham. The list also provides some of the individual PhD scholarships available.

Arts: 1 scholarship

  • Doctoral Training in My Life in Data

Biological and Medical Sciences: 56 scholarships

  • Evolving Proteins for Alien Environments
  • The Mental Health and Services Needed for Elderly Patients Including Patient’s with Dementia in Secure Forensic Psychiatric Environments

Business and Finance: 1 scholarship

  • Doctoral Training in Business and Finance

Chemical Science: 39 scholarships

  • Stress Responses and Toxicology of Yeast
  • Unravelling How Cells Use Local Transport Mechanisms to Move Cargo Long Distances

Earth Sciences: 8 scholarships

  • Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage to Utilize Cleaner Fossil Energy
  • Electrochemical Structures and Their Correlation to Complex Metal Carbon Nano-structures and Energy Storage Performance

Engineering: 40 scholarships

  • Developing Ultra Sonics Operating on a Nano-Scale
  • Developing Optical Coordination Techniques for Precision and Additive Manufactured Components

Humanities: 2 scholarships

  • Numerical Characterization in Landslide Tsunamis in Industrialized World Water Bodies
  • Doctoral Training in My life In Data

Law: 1 scholarship

  • Doctoral Training in My Life in Data

Math and Computing: 47 scholarships

  • Doctoral Training for Mathematics for a Sustainable Society
  • Risk Modelling for Critical Systems for Life Extension

Physical Science: 32 scholarships

  • Catalytic Growth of Nano-Carbon Materials Under Constrained Dimensions and Geometrics
  • Hydro-Dynamic Simulations of Rotating Black Holes

Social Science and Health: 7 scholarships

  • Doctoral Training in Psychology and Sociology

The Development and Evaluation of Electronic Suicide Risk Screening Tools for Use in Primary Care

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