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103 Fully Funded International and National PhD Scholarships at University of East Anglia UK for 2016-17

This article provides PhD scholarship information for the University of East Anglia

The University of East Anglia is a public university of research located Norwich, Norfolk. The university was established in 1963, and has since then produced excellent examples of quality education. The university receives positive reviews on education and student satisfaction. The University of East Anglia currently enrolls over 17,000 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The university is currently reserving 103 PhD scholarships for qualified applicants. These PhD scholarships are highly competitive and only the most qualified students will be considered for the award.

Each of these scholarships offers to pay for tuition and some offer a generous stipend to help cover additional expenses. Students should expect to dedicate the majority of their time to these programs or research projects. Failure to maintain appropriate conduct or educational performance could result in the student being dismissed from the program. International students are welcome to apply, but should also seek additional financial assistance because these scholarships typically do not provide stipends for international students unless otherwise specified.

Deadlines are final. Students wishing to be considered for these PhD scholarships should have everything turned in before deadline. Late entries will not be considered.

PhD scholarships are offered in all of the following disciplines, the named scholarships are just some of the PhD scholarships that are available for award:

  • The Faculty of Arts and Humanities: There are 15 available university funded research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Anthropology of Art
    • Language and Communications Studies
    • Philosophy
  • The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences: There are 4 available research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Detection of Infectious Agency in Animal Diseases from Genome Sequencing Data
    • Effects of Reducing Meat Intakes on Iron Levels
  • The School of Biological Science: There are 23 available research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Anorexia in the Elderly: Brain Wiring Problems
    • The Effects of Farmland Management on Functional Traits and Pollution Ecology of Bees
    • Functions and Pharmacology of P2X4 Receptors for ATP
  • The School of Chemistry: There are 21 available research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Developing Nano Structured Materials for Analytical Applications
    • Double Kinetic Resolution
    • Harnessing Sunlight for Sustainable Chemistry
  • The School of Computing Science: There are 9 available research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Developing Efficient Algorithms of Small RNA Networks
    • Random Effects Model of Meta-Analysis
  • The School of Environmental Science: There are 37 available research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Source of Nitrous Acid in Antarctic Snow and Self Cleaning Capacity
    • Alcohol in Polar Oceans
    • Climate Change and Health: Exploiting the Potential of Social Media and Internet
  • The School of International Development: There is 1 available research project/PhD scholarship.
    • Managing Flood Footprints for a More Resilient Economy and Resilient Society
  • The School of Mathematics: There are 9 available research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Representation Theory
    • The History of Logic
  • The School of Pharmacy: There are 17 available research projects/PhD scholarships
    • Chemical Biologic Studies of Anti-Cancer Natural Products
    • Decoding Small Protein Molecule Interactions by Spectroscopic Techniques
    • Investing How Plants Utilize Their RNA to Cope With Internal Stressors

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