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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in International Relations

Online PhD in International Relations – Facts

As the process of globalization intensifies, the skills of diplomatic professionals become more vital than ever. Diplomats help representatives of sovereign nations negotiate trade agreements or political treaties and help mediate disputes between opposing sides in a conflict.

Online PhD in International Relations ConvocationBut specialists with diplomatic skills can also help CEOs of corporations deal with heads of state when their companies want to invest in a particular country. If this sounds exciting to you, then you can prepare yourself for a career in this field by earning advanced qualifications in International Relations through a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

Online PhD in International Relations – Job Prospects

Earning a PhD in International Relations, either through in-campus or part-time as Online PhD in International Relations, will qualify you for a wide variety of careers. You can join the foreign service of the US government and serve abroad, or you can become a member of the staffs of congressmen or senators; you can also work with non-government international organizations such as the United Nations. There are also jobs for International Relations graduates in the private sector as consultants to multinational corporations. Of course, a PhD in International Relations also qualifies you to teach undergraduate or graduate-level classes at a university.

Online PhD in International Relations – Course Outline

Online PhD in International Relations DegreeEarning your Online PhD in International Relations is highly recommended for motivated and self-disciplined candidates who are currently employed in the diplomatic service or a related field, since they can earn their qualifications while still juggling personal and professional responsibilities. The subject of their dissertations for their online PhD programs can also be based on the practical experiences they have had in their workplaces.

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