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90 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at University of Bath UK

The University of Bath is a public university located within Bath, United Kingdom. The university was established in 1966 after it received its Royal Charter to provide educational services. The university is ranked prestigiously amongst its competitors and the university boasts one of the highest student satisfaction scorings in the United Kingdom. The University of Bath sees an annual registration of over 16,000 students.

The PhD Scholarships

There are many opportunities for PhD scholarships within the university. These scholarships are awarded for various degrees of merit such as academic and professional. These scholarships are all highly competitive and only the most well rounded applicants will be considered.

All of these scholarships cover the fee rate for domestic applicants. International applicants are welcome to apply with the understanding that they will be responsible for the different in the tuition rates. These scholarships also provide generous living allowances.

These scholarships are intended to cover the full duration of full time PhD studies. This duration ranges from 3-4 years.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Below is a list of all the different departments and faculties offering PhD scholarships as well as a few of the specific PhD scholarships available:

The Centre for Digital Entertainment: This department provides 1 scholarships.

The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies: This department provides 1 scholarship

The Department for Health: This department provides 6 PhD scholarships.

  • Behavioral and Exercise Immunology
  • Sociology of Sports

The Department of Engineering and Architecture: This department provides 2 scholarships

The Department of Biology: This department provides 29 PhD scholarships.

  • Adipose Development and Gene Function
  • Next Generation Clone Analysis
  • Prostate Cancer Stem Cell
  • Genetic Social Evolution

The Department of Chemistry: This department provides 1 scholarships

The Department of Economics: This department provides 1 scholarship.

The Department of Education: This department provides 4 scholarships.

  • Accessing the Learning Environments of Children
  • Parental Engagement in Early Childhood Learning

The Department of Electrical Engineering: This department provides two scholarships

The Department of Mathematical Sciences: This department provides one scholarship

The Department of Mechanical Engineering: This department provides two scholarships.

The Department of Pharmacology: This department provides two scholarships.

The Department of Physics: This department provides 14 PhD scholarships.

  • Designer Soft Matter
  • Singular Molecule Mapping

The Department of Politics and International Studies: This department provides 4 PhD scholarships.

  • Europe and Iranian Enrichment Projects
  • Trauma Sites and Their Relevance to Politics.

The Department of Psychology: This department provides 14 PhD scholarships.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • The Psychology Behind On-Line Interactions
  • Implications of Autism on the Criminal Justice System

The Department of Political and Social Sciences: This department provides one scholarship

The School of Management: This department provides 1 scholarship.

Non Specified: The University provides three unspecified scholarships for doctoral studies at the University of Bath.

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