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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering links the physical science of chemistry with the practical discipline of engineering. This results in a broad-reaching specialization in which the practitioner converts chemicals into useful products such the plastic parts of an automobile or the bleach used to clean your house. Chemical engineers are employed in a wide range of industries, including biotechnology firms and electronics corporations. If you are an engineer and interested in moving into this field, consider earning higher qualifications through online PhD degree programs that will allow you to continue practicing your profession while working on your doctorate


There are three doctorate degrees you can earn in Chemical Engineering – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Engineering (DEng) or Doctor of Science (DSc). Although all three are equivalent degrees, the DEng and DSc titles are considered applied degree programs that focus more on applied research. In general, online PhD degree programs may take around four to five years to complete, depending how long it takes the candidate to finish his research project. While it is a plus to have a Master’s degree, many schools allow holders of undergraduate degrees to enter online PhD programs directly provided they fulfill other requirements such as a certain amount of relevant work experience.

While Chemical Engineers can find fulfilling careers as professors in colleges and universities, many opt to apply their skills by becoming the heads of research laboratories at major corporations. Many of them also work in the manufacturing sector, in industries such as pulp and paper, petroleum refining and chemicals. Chemical engineers with a working knowledge of information technology may also find themselves being called upon to help automate manufacturing and control processes.

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