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Online PhD Programs – Online PhD in Journalism

Students studying a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in Journalism usually decide to pursue careers in reporting, correspondence work, and news analysis. If you are still in search of further education available in the field of Journalism then a PhD in Journalism is a great solution.


The writing up period for an online PhD in Journalism usually lasts from six months to one year or even more. The whole program commonly lasts for two years if it is taken full time and four years when taken on a part time basis.


There are two available structures that are followed by most universities when it comes to their PhD programs in Journalism; one available structure primarily focuses on Journalism education and the other available structure focuses on Journalism practice.


An online PhD in Journalism is considered as a terminal degree. Pursuing other degrees that lead you to a different field will make your PhD in Journalism a specialty that will be of great benefit to your career.


Systematic and creative issues when it comes to professional journalism will be solved once you get to finish a PhD in journalism. This is a very important aspect as it enables you to make sound judgments even in the absence of a complete data and it will also help you clearly communicate their respective conclusions concisely and clearly both to non specialist and specialist audiences.

Future Job Prospects

After finishing an online PhD in Journalism, you can pursue a career as a Journalism education program administrator, an advertising specialist, a research consultant, a media analyst, or a post-secondary level journalism professor.

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