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Online PhD Degree Programs-Online PhD Nursing Programs

Online PhD in Nursing Programs – Why Choose?

When it comes to doctorate-level degrees, probably the most controversial are Online PhD in Nursing Programs. While the degree could be valuable to nurses who are aspiring for senior management positions or a medical college teaching position, applying the term “doctor” to a nurse is one quirk that is difficult to address in a patient care environment.

Online PhD in Nursing Programs – Degree Types

Online PhD in Nursing Programs Texas Womans UniversityThis hitch aside, there are several doctorate degrees in nursing. Obtaining a doctorate-level degree even through Distance PhD Programs will help a nurse further not only the profession in general, but will also afford the nurse a higher level of compensation and respect. As it is with almost all PhD degrees, there are two major types of PhD Programs. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is an advanced-level practice-oriented degree that concentrates on the clinical-practice aspects of nursing. The other two doctorate degrees are classified as one because they are both research-oriented. The Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS/DSN) is a research degree while the PhD in Nursing is an academic degree that covers both teaching and research. The PhD in Nursing Education in the US is an example of a PhD in Nursing, and a PhD in Nursing Philosophy is an example of a DNS degree.

 Entry Requirements – Online PhD in Nursing Programs

Online PhD in Nursing Programs Cardiff UniversityAll applicants of PhD Programs have to be holders of Master’s Degrees in Nursing or an equivalent before they can qualify for a PhD in Nursing or a Doctorate in Nursing Science. Equivalent advance practice roles of nurses looking to qualify for a DNP practice are the Nurse Practitioner (NP), the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), the Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).

IMP: Any of the above categorized nurses may obtain further education through online PhD in Nursing Programs. However, one must carefully research the type of doctoral program as well as the schools that offer these programs. With criticism that internet-only coursework does not necessarily prepare one for a title of “doctor”, having the right accreditation and the state’s compliance is an important factor in choosing a prospective online school.


If you are a future PhD candidate in Online PhD in Nursing Programs, please read our article about Texas Woman’s University offering Doctoral Program in Nursing Science and Doctor of Nursing Practice. However if you are interested in UK Degrees in Nursing than must check Cardiff University offering Professional Doctorate in Nursing.

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