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Online PhD Degree Programs – Accreditation of Universities in New Zealand

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation of Universities

Not a few students have seen the need for more specialized degrees than the usual bachelor’s degree. Online PhD degree programs have recently been introduced in order to accommodate the growing need for higher education programs for people with schedules that make attending classes in universities quite difficult. Just as most educational institutions around the world are leveled by accreditation standards, distance PhD programs are likewise accredited to ensure that they conform to international standards.

Importance of Accreditation Bodies – Online PhD Degree Programs

Taking online PhD degree programs that are accredited by recognized educational accreditation bodies are considered just as good as traditional PhD degrees earned the conventional way.

Online PhD Degree Programs University of AucklandAccreditation bodies are usually formed independent of the educational institutions. These bodies are responsible for ensuring the quality of education, facilities, and teaching methods offered by educational institutions in their jurisdiction. It is important for educational institutions to be accredited to indicate that they offer education of high quality standards.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority and Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD Degree Programs University of Waikato OverviewIn New Zealand, accreditation of educational facilities falls under the helm of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Assessment and qualifications evaluation is done by the NZQA to ensure that secondary and tertiary educational institutions are at par with international standards and are worthy of the funding they receive from the government for their educational program development initiatives. Quality assured educational institutions are listed on the New Zealand’s Register of Quality Assured Qualifications. Other educational quality assurance bodies composed of representatives from specialized fields may be required to do assessment and evaluation of provider-developed qualifications. All other degrees not offered by the university sector need to be approved by the NZQA.


There are Several accredited New Zealand Universities offering Online PhD Degree Programs, please read our article about Universities of New Zealand offering PhD scholarships including University of Waikato, University of Canterbury New Zealand and University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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