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Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates

Have you ever wonder why more and more professionals these days opt to continue their academics by getting PhD? The truth is, most of them already have the vision of landing in a better-paid job or get easily promoted to a position higher than your existing position in the company. Statistics reveal that PhDs perform well in the labor market, while having a doctoral degree does not guarantee of a higher salary or level job. It finds out that postgraduates are more fully employed and geographically mobile than those that are less highly qualified graduates due to their reduced unemployment rate. It also indicates the challenge on the notion that doctoral degree leads only to a career in research and academia. Take note of the differences between the researchers’ destinations, which is dependent on their academic discipline. There is also a belief on the significance of PhDs for those who wish to improve their career for a long term basis and they typically grow faster as manifested in their academic grades.

Right after your PhD or doctoral degree graduation, the job market is widely open to provide you the chance of finding job vacancies to fit your acquired skills and knowledge. To be successful in your job search, you have to consider and/or follow some strategies. One strategy is not to refuse job vacancies advertised by any media sources, whether online or offline. It notes that speculative applications should be focused and they require best of luck. Another strategy is by posting your curriculum vitae (CV) on job websites and wait for contact from prospective employers. However, employers usually depend on contacts as well as some incentivize staff for the introduction of new recruits since there are many jobs that are not advertised. Personal contacts really account for jobs filled without even resorting to advertisement. This only suggests that the relevance of networking should not be undermined. Pages of jobs focused on certain subject are usually found on sites based on a specialism or professional association websites.

Know the professional association magazines or journals to look into should you search for a job specializing on your field of study. You may ask someone who is an expert of this field to help you out in your job hunt. You may also find job vacancies at the pages and websites of trade associations and professional bodies. Take note that different job sectors are being advertised by national newspapers on various days of certain week. So, you have to ensure you know which of the newspapers publish jobs related to your preferred field of specification and when they are published.

Moreover, employers are being aware of the merits of recruiting PhD graduates as they become aware of the career paths available for them. Many of the doctoral graduates tend to pursue their career outside academia considering it a conscious one, which may lead to challenging jobs such as those in academia. They are also found to be more well-compensated and secured.

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