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PhD Scholarships-University of Leicester

University of Leicester founded in 1921 is one of the leading universities of the world. It has the honor of being in the top 2% of the world universities. The university is known for its world changing and leading research. The Research Assessment Exercise confirmed that the University is one amongst the leading Universities of Britain in research. The university of Leicester has the maximum number of active research staff on campus. About 87% of the research work conducted at the University is ranked as international and world leading. All the departments and colleges of the University are actively involved in the research activities. The University supports its students and staff through various PhD scholarship programs and studentships. The scholarships are open to all the students studying in the University.

The University is well known in the world as leading University in research. Some of the world leading research at the University of Leicester include the DNA Fingerprinting, revolutionizing the blood pressure measurement method and much more. Students joining the University can take benefit of the PhD scholarships which support the course fee and an annual maintenance stipend with additional travel and conference allowance. The university offers a 3.5 million GBP as postgraduate and PhD scholarships to the students. The University offers the following types of PhD scholarships.

  1. University Studentships and awards for UK EU and International Candidates
  2. Research Councils studentships and awards- students from the UK or EU only can take the benefit of Research council scholarships.
  3. Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantships – students awarded with the scholarships are required to devote their time in teaching along with the research projects. The GTA or the GRA covers full course fee and an annual stipend of 13590GBP.
  4. International Student funding opportunities – The university partners with various sources to help international students. Students from the Commonwealth nations can take advantage of the Commonwealth Shared scholarships.

The various subject areas where students can submit their application for PhD scholarships 2012 are as follows:

1. Department of Biochemistry– The studentship and a project is available for international, EU and UK Applicants.

Start date: October 2012, covers studentship (£13,590) for 3.5 years Deadline: Until filled

2. Department of Biology –Two PhD Studentships – Cell Physiology and Pharmacology covering 3.5 full time funding and stipend worth £15,000 for each year.

Start date:  October 2012

3. Department of Chemistry is offering many fully funded research projects but mostly available for UK and EU PhD Candidates.

4. Department of Computer Science is offering one studentship and one research council scholarships to the All students. Both places are open until filled and giving stipend of £13,590(per year) for three years. Both of these are available for Immediate Start.

5. Department of Economics is offering 4 Graduate Teaching Assistantship to the students along with a full-time PhD Studentship. Start: October 2012. Areas of research include Public Economics, Labour Economics, Industrial Organisation, Behavioural Economics, Growth Theory, Game Theory, Contract Theory and Mechanism Design

 6. The School of Education is offering 1 Graduate Teaching Assistantship the (last date for which is 30th April) and 1 full-time PhD studentship having the last date of 31st May. International students can apply in 2 doctor of education Scholarship till 31st May 2012

7. Department of Engineering is offering a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. The students may apply till 27th April.

8. School of English is offering 14 PhD and Masters scholarship programs for all the students. The last date to submit the application is 1st August 2012. It is also offering 2 research bursaries for International students only. The closing date is 1st August 2012.

9. Department of Genetics is offering a fully funded project for International, UK and EU students, covering £13,590 for 3.5 years. It is open until filled.

10. School of Museum Studies is offering 14 PhD and Masters studentships in Museum Studies. The last date to apply for the projects are 11th May and 25th May 2012.

11. Department of Politics and International Relations offering 3 Graduate Teaching Assistantships and 2 European Research Council PhD Studentships( All UK, EU and international candidates can apply) Each studentship is worth £18,600 per year for 3 years.

12.  School of Sociology offering 2 Fully Funded PhDs for UK and EU students only. Deadline 15th of May covering 3 years of fees and maintenance grant

13. The research Council studentship is available in Cancer Science– The project is Molecular Analysis of Plasma Nucleic Acids for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer.

14. The Research Council scholarship in Cardiovascular science- Start Date Oct, only UK and EU candidates can apply. Open till filled.

 15. Department of Geographyoffering 1 PhD studentship (specifically in Physical Geography).  only for UK and EU students. Deadline is 22 of June.

16. Two PhD Studentship in Cell Physiology and Pharmacology– covering 3.5 full time funding and stipend worth £15,000 for each year. Start date:  October 2012

There are many other Departments in the University, which are offering these PhD scholarships.  These scholarships are available until the positions are filled. International students can apply for the Open PhD scholarships. The value of these Scholarships is 5000GBP. The number of open PhD scholarships available in the University of Leicester is 5. The scholarships are awarded purely on academic merit. The last date to submit the application is 31st May 2012. The candidates awarded with the open scholarships in the form of reduced tuition fee. The open scholarships are not available for the distance learning students. The students should not be in receipt of a full-time scholarship from any source.

The students holding a valid offer letter from the University can apply for the PhD scholarships. The course will commence from October 2012. The selection of the students for the scholarships will be based on academic excellence. There are various other external sources of funding available for the students. At the University of Leicester attending conferences is a part of the PhD program and thus University also provides conferences and travel allowances to students. The Arts and Humanities Research council in the UK provides an annual Research Support Grant for the students. University of Leicester also provides PhD scholarships in certain subject areas for the distance learning and part-time students.

The students may submit their application for the PhD scholarship online or through the post. The students are required to submit a research proposal with the application form. The research proposal should be able to demonstrate your interest and potential in the research field. The students are awarded the scholarship on the basis of their academic achievement and their research proposal. International students are required to submit a certification in English to demonstrate their skills in the language. The Post Graduate Research team evaluates the application forms, the research proposals and other supporting documents before selecting candidates for the scholarships. The educational eligibility required by the candidate is a first class or upper second class degree from the UK or equivalent University. In some cases you will be expected to hold a Master’s degree to participate in the PhD program of the University. The university expects its students to apply for the scholarship programs early since there are limited seats and they receive numerous applications for the scholarship programs.

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