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Examination for Your Dissertation: VIVA or PhD Defense

PhD Defense – Examination for Your Dissertation

Of course, who would want his or her dissertation to be rejected after several years of working on it, no one, right? This probably is the common fear that each of the PhD candidates tends to undermine their confidence and may even disrupt your plans of completing your doctoral degree. This is why your dissertation should be written with proper guidelines so that it will not be put into waste when you present it for defense and/or submit it for viva voce examination.

PhD Defense – Preparation

Your PhD dissertation defense is a requirement in working and writing your dissertation, which serves as your formal introduction to your colleagues. It clearly explains your research work and how it suits with any other research related to your preferred field of specification. This suggests you to prepare for your doctoral dissertation defense by discussing it with your advisory committee chair and the rest of its members to assess their concerns and interests. This will give you an idea on the possible questions they will ask during your defense.

PhD Defense – During Defense

During the defense; you have to stay calm and smile, listen attentively, ask them to repeat their question should you fail to hear them clearly, don’t be afraid to make a pause to compose yourself and gather your thoughts, and learn what you  have to say if you can’t think of an answer to certain question. You need not to panic and avoid placing yourself or your dissertation committee in huge vacant time. Try to avoid unpleasant and last-minute surprises and checkout with each committee member on recommendations to improve your defense. It even opens you to opportunities to take part in the defense meetings of other doctoral degree candidates.

Meanwhile, you may opt for viva voce to examine your PhD dissertation defense that is often found as part of a doctoral candidate’s final assessment. This oral examination is designed to evaluate your subject knowledge and your research. It is generally performed by an internal and external examiner. It covers a discussion of the topics of your own research and conclusions, though its format may differ. Here, you may be questioned that would provide you with the opportunity shoe to your skills in research and the authenticity of your own concepts to the examiners. To prepare your viva, you have to ensure that you know the proper format. Being prepared for your viva would surely calm your own nerves and assure you to receive good impression concerning the examiners. You just have to be sure to know your own thesis, reread it, and annotate it well. Consult your own PhD supervisor if you can have a viva in practice to help you in familiarizing with the entire process. It will boost your confidence especially if you already know your examiners. This then requires you to list possible questions that will likely be asked from you and prepare for your answers. It is highly advisable that you have to take your time and never rush on your answers.

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