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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Anthropology

Online PhD in Anthropology – Branches

Online PhD in Anthropology graduation ceremonyThere are four branches of anthropology and several sub-fields in each branch. Obtaining a PhD in Anthropology in any of these branches requires extensive research. Those interested in obtaining a terminal degree in cultural anthropology for example, will be expected to do extensive field work beginning on their first year and should be able to do field work abroad by the second year. During these early years, all students will also be required to attend training seminars on research methods and publishing reports. They should also already have an idea for a research topic to present to the mentor for approval. On the third year, if everything goes well for the student, he should be able to submit his unique doctoral thesis and defend it before a panel of experts.

Other PhD in Anthropology programs may differ slightly depending on the science involved. Students of biological anthropology or corporate ethnography, for example, may not have to go very far to do their research training. Analysis of their research methods and results could also be judged in a different manner. However, the process involved and the course duration is basically the same.

 Choosing a Distance Option – Online PhD in Anthropology

Online PhD in Anthropology graduationThe same courses are also offered through  Online PhD in Anthropology. All the branches and sub-fields of every branch have their respective PhD program and can be found online. Do not expect to get an easier ride out of it, though. Online PhD programs are also as tough as campus based courses. The only advantage is that students who study online do so from any corner of the world. Online PhD programs allow for video conferencing, so a student need not be physically present to attend a training seminar.

Entry requirement – Online PhD in Anthropology

A student pursuing an online PhD in Anthropology is expected to have a Master’s degree in his field and a clear view of his goal and chosen career path. To pursue these further, those interested in doing so are advised to contact the school of their choice to discuss their plans so that arrangements towards achieving that goal can be made.


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