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Planning for Your PhD Project: Points to Consider

As the highest level of obtainable academic pursuit, studying PhD is quiet long. You may even spend as much as four years in your learning and in writing a thesis or research paper with utmost standard of scientific quality. Many of the graduate students encounter a lot of problems while on the course of their studies, especially in the later part of their doctoral years as they find it difficult to deal with their thesis work. This is why, proper planning of the project right from the start as well as taking relevant measures against its anticipated delays is very crucial. How will you do this? Read on and know the typical structure of a doctoral project, the requirements for a Dutch thesis, the plan for the project from start until its end, and t supervision and evaluation.

As what I have said earlier, proper planning of your project is vital for your doctoral degree studies. It is definitely your responsibility how to make the plan along with the assistance of your supervisor. Typically, you will be expected to lay out all the results of your research work after 3.5 years of conducting it.

Basically, your doctoral degree project begins with the idea that you only have to spend four years in doing your research. You can expect a lot throughout the project in order to get good, if not excellent training on how this should be done. In the Netherlands, nearly half a year of a doctoral degree program project should be spent on educational activities to improve your career opportunities. You may even assist the others or discussed your teaching responsibilities with your supervisor.

It really is of great significance of splitting the doctoral project in five periods for it not to last more than four years. The project should be split into the planning phase in its first half year, start-up phases in the next half year, work in progress phase after one and a half year, focus on thesis the next one year, and finishing touch phase in its last half year. You have to regularly ask yourself whether your project is still in line with the schedule and as to what you should do to put it back on track. It is also important that you discuss the state of the project with your supervisor right after the end of each of the periods.

Apart from your regular meeting with your supervisor, you have to set a meeting for the assessment and evaluation of your doctoral project. How your assessment meeting will look like and what to discuss depends on your supervisors along with the rules set by your research institute. All of the relevant questions associated to your project will be discussed in this meeting. Moreover, the meeting opens you to tell your supervisor or supervisors whether you are comfortable with your working environment, especially the quality and quantity of the supervision. It also serves as the best avenue to solve the problems you may encounter while performing your PhD research.

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