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300 International PhD Scholarships at University of Manchester for 2015-16

The University of Manchester is one of the largest public research universities in the United Kingdom. The university is located within Manchester, England. The University of Manchester was established in 2004 following the merger between the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. The University of Manchester is associated with the Russell Group and the Universities Research Association. The University of Manchester educates over 38,000 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Manchester strives to provide its students with a quality education and the means to pay for this education. The university currently is offering 300 PhD scholarships for various disciplines. These PhD scholarships are highly competitive and the students that show the most promise, and the most merit will be awarded with scholarships.

These prestigious PhD scholarships will cover the cost of tuition and fees for all students. Students that are residents of the UK will also be qualified for annual stipends. If funding is available, or an extreme situation presents itself, an international student could also qualify for a stipend. The duration of these PhD scholarships range from 3-6 years depending on the discipline. Each PhD scholarship has its own set of rules and regulations including deadlines. It is important for the students to review their scholarship of choice and ensure that they have provided the school with everything they need before the scholarship deadline.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list below provides some of the individual PhD scholarships in each discipline. Some of these PhD scholarships are a part of one or more disciplines. The University of Manchester is pleased to offer PhD Scholarships in the following disciplines:

Arts: 6 Scholarships

  • Electric Cities: Exploring the Impact of Electrification
  • Smart Districts and Urban Energy Innovation

Biological and Medical Sciences: 135 scholarships

  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Advanced Metallic Systems

Business and Finance: 10 scholarships

  • Training in Power Networks
  • Business Management: Accounting and Finances

Chemical Science: 122 scholarships

  • Doctoral Training for Next Generation Nuclear
  • Doctoral Training for Biofuels Developed from Seaweed

Earth Science: 19 scholarships

  • Modelling and Analyzing Decentralised Green Energy Systems and Their Impacts
  • The Security and Reliability for Smart Power Networks

Engineering: 130 scholarships

  • AC/DC Energy Losses: The Real-time Quantification of Energy Loss
  • Control and Stability of Future Power Systems with 100% Renewable Generation

Humanities: 10 scholarships

  • Designing Power Networks: Exploring the Advantages of Governance and Organizational Structures
  • Heat Networks and Governance of Infrastructure Innovations

Math and Computing: 127 scholarships

  • Impact of Smart Grids on Power System Protection
  • Improving the Security of Uncertain Power Systems

Physical Science: 87 scholarships

  • Aging and Failure of Mechanisms of Electrical Material for High Voltage Systems in Aerospace
  • Ceramic Coating Development for Lifetime Extensions of Carbon Electrodes

Social Science and Health: 24 scholarships

  • Doctoral Training for Materials in Demanding Environments
  • Assessment of Fire Resistance of Structures After Exposure to LNG Leakage

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