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125 International PhD Scholarships at Northumbria University at Newcastle UK for 2017-18

University Of Northumbria at Newcastle – Background

Becoming a university In 1992, the Northumbria University is one of the new universities. It is only the second university of Newcastle. Although being established in 1880, it only formally opened in 1894. The original name of the Northumbria University only shortened its name from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle in 2002. Awarded responsible for educating the healthcare professionals in 1995.

PhD Scholarships and Bursaries for 2017-18

Attracting just under 30k students per year, Northumbria University is very popular. The PhD scholarship available is highly competitive. Only having 125 to award to the applicants showing most qualified. These awards are based on academic, personal, professional or can be a mix of the three. Solely available at this university. If you are accepted as a recipient being domestic, the tuition fee is covered and an annual stipend is given. Some cases of international student could qualify for the stipend under extenuating circumstances. Must be enrolled in a full time study program for a minimal of 3 years. Each scholarship has its own set of terms and rules. Read all requirements before accepting and submitting your application. Follow the scholarship deadlines.


Below is a quick overview of some of the Doctorate scholarship opportunities made available at Northumbria University at Newcastle UK for 2017-18:


100 PhD International Scholarships:

University is offering 100 international PhD positions across the faculties including:

  • Arts, Design and Social Sciences
  • Engineering and Environment
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Business and Law

25 half-fee reduction awards for International PhD Candidates:

University is also offering 25 PhD seats with half-fee reduction for exceptional students from outside of the EU.


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