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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Occupational Therapy

Online PhD in Occupational Therapy – Course Outline

An Online PhD in Occupational Therapy is seems daunting. One online school shows a semester’s curriculum for a PhD in Occupational Therapy that will take only 60 hours of credited school work. The dissertation will take 12 hours of credited coursework to incorporate 3 inter-related studies into one body. Considering that a subject that runs for 3 hours a day and for 3 days a week for one semester equals only three hours of credited school work, 60 hours of credited course work is going to take a few years to accomplish. Since original research is the core of every PhD program, students have to accomplish a difficult research task for the school to prove their worth. For the online school in question, students are made to research on an individual’s occupational adaptation and how an occupation can be made to adopt him. Students are also asked to come up with some sort of measuring stick to provide statistical proof of their studies.

It normally takes a few years for a student to complete high-level work required for the course and prepare himself for research. Only after he has passed a comprehensive exam about his chosen line of studies will he even be allowed to begin his research. Only when he can present and defend his dissertation research before a panel will he be awarded his terminal degree. This process holds true even for every legitimate online PhD degree program. And even a PhD in Occupational Therapy is not exempted.

Degree Types – Online PhD in Occupational Therapy

As with all PhD programs, there are two types of terminal degrees in Occupational Therapy. One degree is for the academic oriented goal also called an academic degree and another for the practical oriented or professional degree. The academic degree is called a PhD in Occupational Therapy, and the professional degree is called the Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree. Each type of terminal degree program will take an individual’s knowledge and abilities to a higher level of expertise and train them to a achieve skills higher than most. Students of OTD are also given leadership and personnel training skills that will prepare them for senior management positions.

Career – Online PhD in Occupational Therapy

There are many branches of Occupational Therapy and terminal degrees in each are offered through online PhD degree programs. One should take the time to study them and see if any of them fit. Considering that Online PhD in Occupational Therapy degree holders make on the average $35,000 a year more than the average degree holder, embarking on a quest for a terminal degree should be the best investment one can make for himself.

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