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Online PhD Degree Programs-Online PhD in Economics

Online PhD in Economics – Facts

An Online PhD in Economics or a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is one of the more popular choices in doctorate studies.

Online PhD in Economics PhD GraduationHaving either of these degrees makes a person an ideal worker in a business related environment. As in most PhD programs, a PhD in Economics leans towards the academic aspect of Economics while a Doctorate is more geared towards a professional career. However, people with PhD degrees have been known to join the workforce successfully, and many professional degree holders have been known to teach.

Prerequisites – Online PhD Economics

Prerequisites for the course are pretty much standard: a Master’s degree in Economics or an MBA, a qualifying exam, and 1-2 years of post graduate work. Students must work out a plan for research and then submit and defend their dissertation before a committee. The course usually runs for at least 5 years of full time study, so distance PhD programs that adjust to the student’s pace could take longer.

Branches and Fields – Online PhD in Economics

Online PhD in Economics Cambridge University PhD GraduationThere are different branches in Economics, and a student must decide which branch of Economics he would like to have his doctor’s degree. He could have a PhD or a DBA in any of the following fields: Financial Economics, International Economics, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Education and Economics, Business Economics, Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, and Agricultural Economics. Because a PhD in Economics does not require much lab work, Distance PhD in Economics are a preferred choice because of the advantages that online schooling affords most students, mainly the ability to attend class from anywhere and anytime; and the capability of virtual interaction with students anywhere in the world. With the advent of online libraries, access to a campus library has ceased to be an advantage for campus-based lessons. There are several universities offering online PhD in Economics but students are advised to study each school carefully before embarking on such a time-consuming task. If the school fails to pass accreditation, a student would not like to find that the last 4 years of studying for a PhD was all for nothing.

If you are interested in doing your Online PhD in Economics in near future, than check SMC University in Switzerland, Or London School of Economics offering PhD Scholarships.

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