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Online PhD Degree Programs – Accreditation of Universities in Singapore

Online PhD Programs and Accreditation of Universities in Singapore

Singapore has recently been undertaking reforms in its higher education system to make it more globally competitive. Foreign students taking online PhD programs from Singapore universities are set to be among the beneficiaries of these reforms, since their qualifications will more readily be recognized both by future employers and by other institutes of higher learning abroad if they should wish to pursue further advanced studies.

Accreditation Process of Universities in Singapore – Online PhD Programs

The educational system in Singapore is overseen by the Ministry of Education, which administers government-run and -assisted schools, and registers private schools. Under the terms of the Education Act, private higher education institutions must be registered with the MOE before they are given a license to operate. The recent Private Education Act, however, changed registration from a one-time process to one that must periodically be undertaken. This ensures that academic standards remain high, and if necessary, basic standards of HEIs can be elevated. The Enhanced Registration Framework includes more clearly defined standards with regards to school administration, teachers, courses offered and advertising, in order to align HEIs with current best practices of the industry. This ensures that degrees granted, including those given through distance PhD programs, meet the highest quality standards.

Protection for Foreign Students – Online PhD Programs

Responsibility for regulating private HEIs falls to the Council for Private Education, which under the Private Education Act has been given greater supervisory powers. For example, the Council now has the powers to levy graduated penalties to erring schools, from fines all the way up to de-registration, depending on the severity of the offense. This serves to protect foreign students enrolling in online PhD programs from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous institutions.

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