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Online PhD UK- Professional Doctorate in Education

If you are looking for online PhD UK degrees then you can consider applying for a Professional Doctorate in Education. The main requirements for this course is basically to at least have a Master’s degree on any Social Science course and at least 3 years of professional working experience in the same field.

Most educators these days are expected by the academe to perform decision making strategies with the use of well-researched methodologies. This is where obtaining an online PhD UK in Education steps in. This program aims to develop educators with the skills to conduct and use research for professional use.

The degree can be accomplished within a span of 12 terms within a span of 5 years. On the first year, students are expected to attend six weekend workshops that will allow you to work with a group in developing your research skills. You will work with a supervisor who will then critique your work on a small scale research project.

The second year is dedicated to developing critical perspectives. The workshops that the students will attend will help raise their awareness of theoretical as well as methodological positions.
The last three years will then be devoted on research. The students will work with a supervisor to see through the process of forming their thesis and dissertation and to prepare them for presentation to the panel.

Having a Professional Doctorate degree in Education will not only advance your career forward but this will also give you an added set of skills in research. This will enable you to be more effective on your job both in theory and in practice.

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