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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Mauritius

Mauritius is working to position itself as a regional center for higher learning and excellence. Key to achieving this goal is to ensure the world-class quality of its higher education institutions. The responsibility for ensuring that local colleges and universities, as well as overseas institutions offering degree programs through local bodies, meet quality standards rests with the Tertiary Education Commission. The responsibilities of the TEC include uplifting the country’s higher education institutions so that they will meet international standards and developing academic programs offered through open and distance learning modalities, such as online PhD degree programs, in order to ensure greater access to post-secondary education.

Public HEIs are required by the TEC to develop and implement their own quality assurance systems, and undertake a self-assessment to verify its effectiveness. Private HEIs are required to register with the TEC and to have their academic programs accredited; institutions whose registrations have lapsed, been denied or been revoked must cease operating as of a date named by the Commission and arrange for their students to complete their programs at a comparable institution. Students enrolling in online PhD degree programs from Mauritian institutions should make sure that the official documents and letterheads of the school state that they are provisionally registered with the TEC as a post-secondary educational institution.

The mandate of the Commission also extends to overseas education institutions operating in the country, the first time such institutions were subject to government regulation. This protects both foreign and local students registering for distance education programs, including online PhD degree programs, from poor quality qualifications that will not be recognized by employers or as a prerequisite for further advanced studies.

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