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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in United Arab Emirates

Online PhD Degree Programs and Universities in United Arab Emirates

Globalization pressures have driven the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to undertake reforms to improve its higher education system. This comes with a focus on the development of English language skills and the increased use of computer technology. The Ministry of Education has also adopted the Education 2020 development strategy, which is based on five-year programs. Government HEIs are supervised by the ME and restricted to UAE nationals, while private colleges and universities are open to all and overseen by the Commission for Academic Accreditation, an agency within the Ministry.

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation Process in United Arab Emirates

Private HEIs must be licensed by the Commission and their programs, including online PhD degree programs, must be accredited. Licensing involves self-evaluation and external assessment of an institution’s academic standards to ensure that they come up to the required benchmarks. A Certificate of Licensure is good for three years, after which it must be renewed. The process of accreditation is only started after an academic program has achieved eligibility status and within 2 years after the first class has graduated. Accreditation is good for five years. The standards used are broadly based on those used by American regional accreditation agencies and address institutional effectiveness, the quality of an institution’s educational programs and its administrative processes.

Foreign students can also take online PhD degree programs offered by institutions in the Knowledge Village, where overseas universities have their campuses. While these campuses do not have to undergo the same licensing and accreditation processes as other private universities, the government still requires them to provide proof that the academic programs they are offering also come up to the same high standards as their mother institutions.

The UAE’s quality assurance system ensures that degrees earned through online PhD degree programs will be recognized as qualification for employment or as prerequisites for further advanced studies in higher education institutions abroad.

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