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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Maldives

Online PhD Degree Programs and Universities in Maldives

The rapid growth of the post-secondary educational system in the Maldives has led its government to recognize that there is a need to ensure the quality of the qualifications earned. This has resulted in the establishment of the Maldives Accreditation Board in 2000. The MAB in turn introduced the Maldives National Qualifications Framework (MNQF), which is intended to assist the development of a process for quality assurance in tertiary education as well as of a framework for recognizing qualification earned in Maldives and overseas higher educational institutions, including distance education or online PhD degree programs.

Online PhD Degree Programs and Higher Education in Maldives

At present, higher education in the country is provided by the Maldives College of Higher Education, the Centre for Continuing Education and the College of Islamic Studies, as well as several private higher educational institutions. MCHE is the only institution authorized to award degrees, with the others offering only certificate or diploma programs. All qualifications given by these institutions must meet one of the eleven levels of qualifications included in the Framework, including requirements such as credit hours and minimum entry requirements.

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation Process

If a Maldivian has a qualification earned abroad, such as a degree awarded under distance PhD programs from overseas institutions, they can submit it to the MAB for validation so it can be recognized for civil service employment or scholarships. MAB is developing relationships with accrediting bodies abroad to constantly update its database of higher education institutions from which Maldivian students earn degrees abroad, including those earned through distance education or online PhD degree programs. The Board is also working towards the development of internationally-compatible criteria for accreditation of qualifications earned locally.

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