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Online PhD Degree Programs; Juris Doctor (JD)

Online PhD Degree Programs and Doctor of Jurisprudence

Juris Doctor, or Doctor of Jurisprudence, is a professional degree conferred upon graduates of law school. All states except California require lawyers to have a Juris Doctor as a qualification for admission to the Bar. However, the JD is not the highest degree a legal professional can earn. After a JD, they can go on to pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) degree or a Scientiae Juridicae Doctor (SJD), which is a research doctorate level degree. Qualifications for earning a JD vary depending on whether you take it from American Bar Association approved law schools or from non-ABA schools.

ABA-approved schools require JD candidates to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Non-ABA institutions, on the other hand, do not have this requirement. A thesis is also usually not required as a prerequisite for graduation, since the JD degree primarily involves intensive study of the law and its practical application; however, the candidate may be asked to produce a lengthy written project as part of the course requirements.

It should be noted, however, that mainly online PhD programs are not sanctioned or accredited by the ABA, meaning graduates of such courses are not qualified to take the bar exam. However, you can address this deficiency by either practicing in California, where the qualification requirements are different, or take additional credits at an ABA-accredited school.

Still, there are many advantages to earning a JD degree through online PhD programs. Apart from allowing the student to continue with a full-time career while pursuing their doctorate studies, online PhD degree programs are generally more affordable than law schools.

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