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How to Choose the Right PhD Research Method?

Doing your PhD is really not that easy to do because you will spend most of your time in doing research. Yes this can really be a daunting task, but this is not impossible with the aid of the right and appropriate research methods for your doctoral program degree thesis. Take note that the entirety of your dissertation relies on your research. This is why, it is crucial to select the best and right methodologies.

You will know what method to follow for your research by taking into account what it really requires. If you will measure up for the variables and verify the existing hypothesis and theories or question them, using the quantitative method is appropriate in collecting data for your research. This method often uses questionnaires as a way of collecting information from the prospective respondents of your research. It gives you an option either to decide on whether to use open or closed questions and, in turn, offer respondents with a lot of question selections for your statement. There are things you have to consider when you develop and use a questionnaire such as identifying the questions relevant to your research, determining your sample, making a list of appropriate questions, ensuring that the questions are properly laid out, coding up the questionnaire, gaining permission to use the questionnaires from the sample, getting the personal information of your respondents, and statistically analyzing the information gathered from the questionnaires.

Meanwhile, qualitative method is great for collecting statistics to better understand the beliefs, definitions and experience. This methodology involves interviews that allow you to have face to face discussion with your respondents. You will be asked to make a sound decision on whether you will record the interview, take notes, write in their answers, or simply rely on your memory. In doing the interviews, you need to determine the sample of your research, draw appropriate questions, start to do some fundamental closed questions, contact your interviewees, refine the question, and perform the interviews yourself.

You may use participatory methods in your PhD research paper, especially if it puts emphasis on social subject matters. The research using this method usually employs and adapts various diagram tools such as systems analysis, farmer-led research, as well as visual and oral tools. This method enables respondents to increase their own understanding of the development concerns along with the problems they encounter and develop solutions and give more dependable and representative information to the researchers by sharing their different information sources. It plays a significant role from the conception, through piloting then refining the research proper and dissemination.

Meanwhile, each of the above-mentioned research methodologies for your PhD is described in explaining their purpose as well as their application to your research study. The proper steps in carrying out these techniques include its background and initial theoretical model, review of literature, case analysis of the literature, development of case-based model, collection of individual data, codification and integration of data, collection of organizational data, hermeneutic interpretation, analysis of activity theory, and development of initial theory.

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