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Online PhD Degree Programs – PhD by Publication

Distance or online PhD Programs have gained much popularity since the concept was developed and put into practice. Indeed, ever since distance education has conquered the internet, distance PhD Degree Programs have been sought after by many people. The regular routine of obtaining a PhD takes too much time and similarly a lot of effort, and while most professionals wouldn’t mind putting in the extra effort, many simply don’t have the time to spend on a full-blown course. One of the several options mid or late career researchers or full-time professionals with existing research portfolios can take advantage of is the PhD by Publication program.

Universities from the UK, Europe, and Australia offer this type of PhD awarding, granting the title to anyone eligible if he can prove that one (or several) of his published works has / have significantly contributed to a particular field of study or research. This program may also be called PhD by Prior Output or PhD by Portfolio, or PhD by Published Work, but all of them revolve around the same concept. Some universities may allow only university staff with a certain quantity of tenure or graduates (from that particular university or partner university or accredited higher educational institution) to take their PhD by Publication course while others may allow anyone they deem eligible. Most of the time a master’s degree with good standing or honours would be the minimum requirement.

As for being the epitome of online PhD Degree Programs, it depends from which university the Online PhD by Publication course is taken. All universities offering this recourse to the usual routine of obtaining a PhD would require an oral defence or examination wherein the candidate is of course expected and required to be physically present, but there are a few universities who would give their panel examiners the right to waive the exam given justification, making the PhD course totally online with virtually no requirement for prolonged physical attendance.

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