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250 Fully Funded International and National PhD Scholarships at University of Sheffield UK for 2016-17

This article provides PhD scholarship information for the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield.

The University of Sheffield is a prestigious research university that has its main campus located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It was established as a medical school before becoming the University of Sheffield in 1905. The university is ranked in the top 75 top universities in the world and sees an annual enrollment of over 27,000 students.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Sheffield has reserved 250 PhD scholarships for competent applicants. These PhD scholarships are exceedingly competitive and only the most qualified students will be considered for the award. These PhD scholarships are offered through the university and cover a large variety of disciplines within the university.

Each of these scholarships offers to pay for tuition and some offer a generous stipend to help cover additional expenses. Students should presume to commit the majority of their time to these PhD programs and/or research projects. Failure to uphold suitable conduct or educational presentation could result in the student being discharged from the program. International students are encouraged to apply, but should also seek supplementary financial assistance because these scholarships do not always provide stipends for international students. If the program provides international stipends then no other financial assistance is needed.

Deadlines are absolute. Students desiring to be considered for these PhD scholarships should have everything submitted before deadline. Late entries will not be evaluated.

  • Art: There are 11 scholarships available
    • Does Front Garden Landscaping Influence Your Health and Well Being
    • Department of Journalism
  • Biological and Medical Science: There 85 are scholarships available.
    • Self-Organization as the Theory for Brain Development
    • How Human Embryonic Growth Scales Between Different Species
  • Business and Finance: There are 19 scholarships available.
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Volunteering as a Response to Public Sector Cuts
  • Chemical Science: There are 54 scholarships available.
    • Gaining the Molecular Understanding of Antibody Secretions
    • Developing Effective Drugs to Treat Long Term Pain
  • Earth Science: There are 29 scholarships available.
    • Bio-catalytic Control of Material Formation
    • Intelligent Microwave Annealing of Polymer Films
  • Engineering: There are 52 scholarships available.
    • Intelligent Virtual Networking
    • Optimistic Designs for Fault Tolerant Quantum Computers
  • Humanities: There are 22 scholarships available.
    • Social Behavioral Business in Post-Soviet Economies: Russian Case
    • High Magnitude Rapid Environmental Changes in the Mediterranean by Examined Amino Acid Racemization and Luminescence Dating in Sediment
  • Law: There are 2 PhD scholarships available
    • The Department of Politics-Research Department
    • The School of Law
  • Math and Computing: There are 34 scholarships available.
    • Learning Analytics on Big Data
    • Understanding When Astrocytes Contribute to The Controlling of Brain Blood Flow
  • Physical Science: There are 88 scholarships available.
    • Secure Detector Development for Homeland Security Applications
    • The Theory of Quantum Micro-cavity Polaritons
  • Social Science and Health: There are 98 scholarships available.
    • Ultra-Fast Spectroscopy of Single Crystal Organic Semi-Conductors
    • The Safe Detection of Contraband Explosives Using Neutron Activation

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