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Online PhD Degree Programs – PhD by External Registration

PhD by External Registration – Categorizes

There are several types of online PhD Degree Programs available today, when categorized by their main schemes (regardless of what they may be called), these are namely: PhD by Publication, Split Site PhD, and PhD by External Registration. PhD by Publication is for those who already have published work. Most of the time, only university staff or graduates are eligible to enrol in that particular university. For most international students, Split Site PhD and PhD by External Registration are the two best options.

PhD by External Registration Graduation Ceremony

As online PhD Programs continue to gain popularity, the universities that offer PhD by External Registration—the most flexible option for international students—correspondingly increase in number. Notably, while the other two types of online PhD Programs are mostly offered by UK, European, Australian, or US universities, the PhD by External Registration is offered by universities the world over. Though at first only a handful of universities offer this as a last resort for PhD candidates, the number of universities offering this recourse has increased and will continue to increase as the demand for distance education also goes up.


PhD by External Registration – Process

PhD by External Registration Graduation ceremonyThe PhD by External Registration is exactly what it sounds like. You apply for a PhD course in an international university offering the program, and then you go ahead and work on completing the degree. This normally involves working on the proposed dissertation or thesis you will need to present in about four to six years (but this is dependent on the university). Attending the actual university may be required for several weeks to more than a month, but that is all that is required for one-on-one consultations with your supervisor, other than the time you’ll be required to defend your dissertation or thesis. The only other real requirement is constant contact between you and your supervisor, and of course acceptable and suitable means and facilities for research in your locality.


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