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Online PhD Degree Programs – Split-Site PhD

Online PhD Degree Programs via Split-Site PhD

There are several online PhD Degree Programs out there today, and many of those who are looking for the most appropriate one are probably considering which of the options would best suit their current full time employment, their budget, and their time. One of the most flexible options in all of these aspects is the Split Site PhD option. Normally offered by UK universities, some in coordination with international universities elsewhere, the Split Site PhD lets a candidate obtain a PhD award from the host UK university while working on a thesis from home—wherever that may be in the world.

Online PhD Degree Programs – Structure

Online PhD Degree Programs obviously take advantage of the internet and its capabilities. But most of the time PhD courses require credits completed and subjects taught; but for the Split Site PhD, more often than not, candidates take a four to six year course doing entirely research based activities and testing, no classes held. To qualify for the process, a candidate must normally possess a master’s degree or a Bachelor’s Degree with honours (both from a recognized university) or an equivalent academic or professional qualification from the UK or elsewhere.

Online PhD Degree Programs – Requirements

There will be a minimum time spent in the host university, but when and for how long on each trip depend on the candidate and his supervisor. The candidate must also normally secure access to research facilities preferably in a recognized local university and must have a local qualified supervisor, but sometimes the candidate must be completely self reliant while not in UK campus grounds.The Split Site PhD—in nature, as well as design and concept—is the exemplar of online PhD Degree Programs. The routine is mostly similar for different universities but some may have additional or specific requirements and modifications to the whole process.

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