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Tips for PhD Entry Interview

We all know that PhD in the highest educational level that can be attained by any student. But getting into this degree is never an easy task as there are a lot of things you need to consider and prepare. You may even wonder what questioned will be raised during your interview and how you may be able to respond to them accurately. Just real on and you’ll surely find the answers.

Basically, applicants to offline or online PhD are expected to demonstrate great ability in their chosen field of specification. Their potential for undergraduate study is being assessed through their research background and experience, standardized examination results, and recommendation letters.

Once you have received notification from the school where you apply for your PhD degree that you are selected as a competitive candidate for admission, you will be invited to visit the school, take a look at its facilities, meet its staff and other graduate students, and undergo a formal interview that usually lasts from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Take note that traditional or online PhD interview can be one-on-one, group, or two interviewers to one student. What you need to do then is outlined below.

  • Check out for the basic facts concerning the school prior to the date of your interview. Information such as the size of graduate school class, percentage of women, percentage of minority students, quarter or semester program, academic mission, pre-matriculation, and grading system are considered beneficial to your interview.
  • Note the major areas that your prospective school might seek information from you: your personality and your capability. You should know that graduate school interview serves as a public relations mechanism, a chance for school representative to answer questions for the candidate, a venue to hire students, and a means to gather data.
  • Take into account that most graduate schools offering offline of online PhD will try to find out your work exposure, motivation, personal qualities, and social awareness.
  • Be prepared as the interviewers will evaluate whether your way of thinking is either concrete or abstract in nature. The interviewers will also assess your ability to understand the question being posed, what you learned about yourself, internal consistency, and what areas of personality you work on.
  • Remember that interviewers usually ask ethical questions that are typically posed in hypothetical situation. Be keen to in identifying legal from illegal questions too.
  • Just relax, confident, and be yourself and answer every question asked with respect and courtesy.
  • Dress appropriately by choosing the right and comfortable outfit and consider it as part of the communication process during your PhD entry interview.
  • Be prompt when attending your interview. You may call in advance and inquire about the directions if you are not certain of the exact date of the interview.
  • Always show professionalism even if you are not able to show up at your scheduled interview. Bear in mind that courtesy still leaves a lasting impression to the interviewer and the school as a whole.
  • You should also prepare a question or two associated to offline PhD or online PhD for the interviewer.

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