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173 Fully Funded International and National PhD Scholarships at University of Leicester UK for 2016-17

This article provides information about PhD scholarships offered at the University of Leicester.

The University of Leicester is a research university located within Leicester, England. The main campus of the university is adjacent to Victoria Park. The university holds a prestigious reputation for research and is ranked prestigiously amongst other research universities. The University of Leicester cemented itself into history by uncovering the remains of the late King Richard III, as well as discovering genetic fingerprinting.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Leicester offers research intense PhD scholarships to the most admirable candidates. Thousands of PhD candidates are assessed and those showing the most promise in the academic field are presented these PhD scholarships.

The PhD scholarships offer tuition waivers for students attending the college. National students might be eligible for an added bursary to help cover the cost of living while attending the college for their doctorate. Some of these PhD scholarships might offer financial assistance to international students; however, international students are encouraged to apply for other forms of financial aid in order to cover the cost of living during their stay at the college.

The deadlines on these PhD scholarships are absolute. Thousands of students, from around the world, are competing for a chance at these research projects. Students that cannot meet deadlines, will not be taken into deliberation.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list provides the departments that are offering PhD scholarships at this time at the University of Leicester. Listed are some of the specific research projects that are offering PhD scholarships.

  • Arts: There are 4 scholarships available.
    • Anarchist and Anarchism in France during 1945.
    • Doctoral Training for Energy Demands
  • Biological and Medical Sciences: There are 52 scholarships available.
    • The Role of Gene Regulatory Networks, Plant Germline Developments, and Crop Fertility
    • Body Clock: Understanding the Hidden Rhythmic Patterns in Yeast and Flies
    • Time for Conflicts: How Gender Affects Your Circadian Clock
  • Business and Finance: There are 3 scholarships available.
    • Doctoral Training for Embedded Information
    • The Biodiversity, Chromosomal, and Genome Evolution in Agriculture Models and Species.
  • Chemical Science: There are 26 scholarships available.
    • Machine Learning in Data Processing, Integration, and Analysis of Clinical Diagnosis and Prognosis
    • Single Molecule Imaging of Human Genes Turning On
    • Analysis of the Matrix that Supports Microtubule Anchoring
  • Earth Science: There are 11 scholarships available.
    • Developing Next Generation Sequencing for Birds of Prey- Pilot Study for Non-Human Forensics and Conservative Biology
    • Epigenetics in Socialized Insects
    • Parasitic Life Cycles in the Changing Environment
  • Engineering: There are 19 scholarships available.
    • Computer Simulations for Amorphous Materials in Biomedical Applications
    • Multi Phased Cooling Systems
  • Humanities: There are 9 scholarships available.
    • Molecular, Evolutionary, and Cultural Effects on Human Genetic Diversities
    • Anarchists and Anarchism in France 1945
  • Math and Computing: There are 21 scholarships available.
    • Machine Learning in Data Processing, Integration, and Analysis of Clinical Diagnosis and Prognosis
    • Computer Simulations for Amorphous Materials in Biomedical Applications
  • Physical Sciences: There are 15 scholarships available.
    • Doctoral Training in Integrated Bioscience
    • Length Scale Material Engineering
  • Social Sciences and Health Sciences: There are 11 scholarships available.
    • Sexuality in Sports
    • Anarchist and Anarchism France 1945

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