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92 International PhD Scholarships at Cardiff University UK for 2015-16

Cardiff University is a public university of research located within Cardiff, Wales. This Welsh university is composed of three different colleges:

  1. The College of Biomedical and Life Sciences
  2. The College of Physical Sciences and Engineering
  3. The College of The Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

The university was first established in 1883 as a University College of South Wales and later became a part of the University of Wales. It gained university status in 1997 and was granted independent degree awarding privileges that same year. It is amongst the oldest universities in Wales and the United Kingdom. The Cardiff University is a member of the prestigious Russell Group that recognizes the best research universities in the United Kingdom. The University is ranked respectively and sees a total enrollment of over 27,700 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The Cardiff University is delighted to be able to offer 92 PhD scholarships for qualifying students. These highly competitive PhD scholarships are awarded to the brightest students who present the best fit for the scholarship. These scholarships are awarded based on merit either academic, personal, professional, or a combination of the three. These PhD scholarships are only available at Cardiff University.

These PhD scholarships cover tuition fees for all students that are accepted as recipients of this scholarship. Domestic students qualify for an annual stipend. In some cases international students may also qualify for annual stipends but this funding is not guaranteed and international students are only awarded stipends in extreme circumstances. These PhD scholarships last a minimum duration of three years in a full time study program. Unless otherwise stated it is to be assumed that the scholarships listed below have open deadlines. It is important that the student researches their PhD scholarship to ensure that they are meeting all deadline requirements.

The List of PHD Scholarships

Listed below are the disciplines and some of the PhD scholarships that are available at Cardiff University.


  • Communication and Philosophy
  • School of Music

Biological and Medical Science

  • Identification of Urinary Tract Infections and Causative Agents: Deadline 24th of April
  • Improving Responses for Screening of the Cervix in Young Women: Deadline 24th of April

Business and Finance

  • Business School
  • Doctoral Business Training

Chemical Science

  • Nano-Fluids and Supramolecular Photochemistry: Deadline 31st of August
  • Genetic Instability Upon Suppression Loss in Tumors: Deadline 1st of August

Earth Science

  • Planning and Geography
  • Water Informatics Training


  • Combustion Diagnostics and Emissions
  • Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: Deadline 1st of June.


  • Archaeology and Religion
  • Journalism, Media, and Cultural Studies


  • Policy Making and Service Delivery: Deadline 13th of April
  • School of Law

Math and Computing

  • Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Binary Merger: Deadline 25th of March
  • Energy Management in Buildings

Physical Science

  • Combustion Diagnostics and Emissions
  • Coastal Energy and Flood Risk Management

Social Science and Health

  • Modern Languages
  • The School of Architecture

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