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PhD in Psychology

This article focuses on the typical years you need to spend in completing your PhD in psychology.

Basically, the time that you will be spending to complete your college course vary depending on your preferred study field such as anthropology, education, social work, and sociology. You will then make a decision as whether you would want to attain a doctorate. The main reason for this is that several psychology programs do not provide a terminal master’s degree in the study field of psychology. This requires you to be enrolled in a graduate program after obtaining a bachelor’s course and spending four to seven years for a doctorate course.

Among the available options that you may choose from include Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or the Doctor of Education (EdD). Doctor of Philosophy seemed to put emphasis on a practitioner-based educational model allowing students to conduct psychology research or teach the subject. However, graduates of this course often work in applied settings in order to offer direct mental health services. On the other hand, Doctor of Education is suitable for those who opt to work as a school psychologist or any associated educational field.

You will be able to complete your PhD in psychology provided that you have strong background in the field of psychology and if you have already completed the necessary prerequisite and other requirement for the course. Other factors are your educational background and the doctoral program you enrolled in.

Typically, psychology PhD requires a minimum of five to seven years of learning. This includes a regular coursework, internship, or supervised residency in your preferred college or university. It usually ends by conducting an original dissertation or research project. It notes that most of Doctorate in psychology programs can be completed between four to six years. Meanwhile, most EdD programs take between three to five years. It can be noted that most applicants of these programs are holders of master’s diploma in related study area.

An undergraduate course as well as a doctorate in psychology are necessary to become a licensed clinical psychologist. In fact, most people in this area spend approximately 8-12 years in their higher education. In addition, industrial-organizational psychology course requires two to three years in graduate school, forensic psychology requires 2-3 years in graduate school, social work requires 4-5 years in undergraduate school, counseling requires 2-3 years in graduate study, health psychology from 4 to 5 years in graduate school, sports psychology from 2-3 years in graduate school, and criminal psychology from 2-3 years in graduate school.

However, there are many career options in the field of psychology that do not ask you to stay in college for several years such as family and marriage therapist with master’s.

It points out that the abovementioned requirements only serve as minimum academic requirements in the presented fields in PhD in psychology. Bear in mind that job opportunities as well as the salary grade can be great when coupled with advanced training.

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