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Why I Want to Do a PhD?

You may wonder why more and more people these days opt to pursue their offline or online PhD, notwithstanding the fact that it is a challenging task or undertaking. This is why to understand the reason why you want to do PhD or doctoral degree is of utmost significance.

Here, you need to have better understanding of your motivation in getting your PhD in order to be successful. Your motivation may come from different sources including your current occupation, university scholarships, quality management degree, skills enhancement, and career change.

On the other hand, there are some people who take up traditional PhD or online PhD just to fulfill the ambitions of their parents or those people who are significant to your life. These people do not really intend to get the degree to meet their own academic requirements, but to satisfy the dreams of their parents, relatives, and other loved ones for them. It is highly advised that the decision of getting your PhD should be your own devoid of the insistence of other people. If you follow other people’s ambition over your own, chances are you will end up resenting them in tough times of your work. Among the other bad reasons for getting a PhD are peer pressure, to keep visa, rebellion, land to horrible job, misplaced genius complex, and insecurity.

Most of us pursue our education to the higher level in doctoral degree so as to improve in our sought-after prospective job in the academic or commercial field. Some of us may get this degree to land in research position right after your university graduation. The degree opens us to a wide range of job opportunities that are challenging, interesting, and stimulating.

Taking up traditional or online PhD program allows you to find graduate school differently when compared to your undergraduate school. Take note that most of the learning you will receive in this program comes from the conferences that you will attend, the research you will conduct, and your discussion with your peers. This indicates that you will be successful in the graduate school upon completion of a research program rather than the completion of a number of course units.

Some of us may regard PhD as one of the easiest means of increasing your status in the job market changing your title from miss, mister and other address to doctor. This then will give you an edge in finding or hunting for a job. Indicating in your resume that you are a graduate of this degree will surely get the attention of the hiring officer and will consider your application.

Although the type of job we perform and the compensation vary depending on the types of positions we pursue, the salary grade of PhD graduate is higher than those who are graduates of bachelor’s or Masteral degrees.  Among the common types of positions where graduates of PhDs land are non tenured research staff, tenure-track positions, and postdocs.

No matter what may be your reason why you pursue traditional or online PhD, be sure to be honest on what really want to achieve in life as you will be indulging yourself on a major decision that may change your future.

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