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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Saudi Arabia

Online PhD Programs and Universities in Saudi Arabia

While higher education in Saudi Arabia has traditionally been provided by the government in the form of state-operated universities that offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees, including some online PhD programs, private institutions have also been introduced to the tertiary education sector. This has prompted the Saudi government to undertake steps to ensure the quality of the qualifications awarded by these institutions.

It has also recognized the necessity of upgrading the quality standards of government higher education institutions to ensure that the qualifications they awarded would be recognized abroad.

Online PhD Programs and Accreditation of Universities in Saudi Arabia

To address this need, the National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment was established under the Ministry of Higher Education. The Ministry is responsible for overseeing higher education for men in the country; it also has the mandate to authorize the founding of a new university and the academic programs it offers. The NCAAA is tasked with evaluating and accrediting all higher education institutions and programs, including distance learning and online PhD degree programs.

Online PhD Programs and Certificate in Quality Assurance

Being certified in quality assurance and academic assessment was made mandatory in 2009, and universities that are not NCAAA accredited could see their license to operate withdrawn. The Ministry could also deny funding support for scholarships from erring private institutions.

After applying with the NCAAA, the higher education institution has one year to complete requirements for certification. However, the Commission also offers support services to help them meet requirements. The efforts of the NCAAA are expected to strengthen confidence in Saudi Arabia’s higher education system and make it easier for graduates to qualify for online PhD programs from overseas institutions.

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