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Online PhD Degree Programs – Accreditation of South Korean Universities

Online PhD Degrees and Accreditation of South Korean Universities

It is not unusual nowadays for students to want to broaden their horizons and seek further education not only in their home countries but in other countries as well. The competitiveness in the global employment scene is one of the reasons why the geographical boundaries especially in the area of education are being knocked down. Students and professionals need to be able to get around and work their way up to the highest level of education with some uniformity in admission and quality standards. Such is the purpose of accreditation.With educational accreditation, the quality of education in various schools and educational institutions offering primary, secondary, and higher education as well as other programs like online PhD degrees all over the world is ensured so that students are able to move from one level to the next level even when transferring to another learning institution in another country.

Conferred degrees, including distance PhD degree programs, are considered to have an equivalent level across accredited learning institutions. The way accreditation is done could differ from one country to another. Even the formation of the accrediting body is not limited to that dictated by the country’s ministry of education.

In South Korea, for example, accreditation of South Korean universities before they could confer degrees is required by law. Both public and private universities in South Korea are mandated by law to hold membership in the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE). The KCUE is a group composed of all the sitting presidents of all universities in South Korea. They are tasked with the responsibility of promoting cooperation between universities and of representing their interests in issues concerning their autonomy from the national government.

No degree, distance or online PhD degrees included, shall be recognized without meeting the necessary requirements for accreditation. In fact, it is considered punishable by law in South Korea to use a degree that has not met accredited approval. The KCUE has been conducting evaluations and accreditations of member universities since 1983. Throughout the years, the levels at which these evaluations and accreditations are conducted have significantly been improved to keep up with the changing times and the global environment.

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