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104 International PhD Scholarships at Imperial College London for 2017-18

This article reviews the PhD Scholarship opportunities available through the Imperial College London UK. It also provides information about its various renowned departments and background history of the Imperial College London.

Imperial College London – Background

As a public research University, Imperial College was founded by Queen Victoria in 1887. In 1907, it was further combined under Royal Charter England. Same year, the college also became part of the University of London. It is important to indicate that the College is famous for its affiliation with science and technology programs. The College has four main Faculties:

  1. Faculty of Engineering
  • Department of Aeronautics
  • Department of Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Sciences
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Computing
  • Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Materials
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dyson School of Design Engineering
  1. Faculty of Medicine
  • Institute of Clinical Sciences
  • Department of Medicine
  • School of Public Health
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
  • Department of Surgery and Cancer
  • Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • National Heart and Lung Institute
  1. Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Life Sciences
  • Center for Environment Policy
  1. Imperial College Business School
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

All four departments of Imperial College London are ranked highly respectable amongst the most reputable universities around the world and accommodate enrollments around 15000 students each academic year.

PhD Scholarships and Bursaries for 2017-18

In academic year of 2017-18, Imperial College London is offering 104 PhD scholarships for National and International PhD students. It is important to note that their PhD scholarships are research concentrated and can be availed by eligible and competent students. Most of these scholarships are either fully funded or full or part fee waviers. While working on your Doctorate, these scholarships will be able to cover all your expenditures.

For international students, deadlines are important as applications after deadlines will not be considered. There will be several scholarships with open deadlines, in that case apply as soon as possible as these scholarships are available on first come first serve basis.

Below is a quick review of some of the PhD scholarship opportunities made available at this College.

75 PhD Scholarships – Biological & Medical Sciences:

  • Enhancing Crop Cultivation in Challenging Soil with Dr Giovanni Sena
  • Impacts of Warming on High Latitude Food Webs with Professor Guy Woodward
  • On the structure and function of tropical tree roots with Professor Jon Lloyd

2 PhD Scholarships – Arts:

  • NERC funded PhD Scholarships (at three places: Natural History Museum, Zoological Society London and Royal Botanical Gardens                                       

5 PhD Scholarships – Business and Finance:

– Read about Fully funded PhD Scholarships at Imperial College Business School, London (starting date September 2017)

42 PhD Scholarships – Chemical Sciences:

  • DTP PhD Studentship: Engineered Nanomedicine for Targeted Drug Delivery with Dr Chen
  • Synthesis and application of cyclic metallocene oligomers with Prof Long

36 PhD Scholarships –Earth Sciences:

  • Ambient pressure spectroscopic investigation of the catalyst – support with Dr David Payne

71 PhD Scholarships –Engineering:

  • Ambient pressure spectroscopic investigation of the catalyst – support interface with Dr David Payne
  • The evolutionary dynamics of microbial communities with Dr Barraclough

4 PhD Scholarships –Humanities:

  • Does narcissism determine the type of faces we find attractive? With Dr Jason Hodgson and Dr Zafeiriou

47 PhD Scholarships –Math and Computing:

  • Better ventilation for buildings: From idealised models to real-world influences with Dr Burridge and Prof Hughes

48 PhD Scholarships – Physical Sciences:

  • A Robotic Instrument for Adaptive Neurostimulation with Dr Vaidyanathan, Prof Peter Brown, Dr Dipankar Nandi and Dr Huiling Tan
  • Better ventilation for buildings: From idealised models to real-world influences with Dr Burridge and Prof Hughes

16 PhD Scholarships – Social Sciences and Health:

  • Novel approaches to controlling vector-borne diseases with gene drive with Dr Burt

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