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445 International PhD Scholarships at University of Birmingham UK for 2015-16

The University of Birmingham is one of the oldest red brick universities in the United Kingdom. The university is located within Birmingham, West Midlands. The university received royal charter in 1900 and has since then established itself as one of the most prestigious universities within the United Kingdom. The university is the home of the prestigious Barber Institute of Fine Arts and displays art from the greatest artist the world has seen such as Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh. The university strives to education over 28,600 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Birmingham strives to provide PhD scholarship opportunities for as many students as they can. This year the University of Birmingham is providing 445 PhD scholarships for various disciplines. All of these awards are presented to the students that present the most promise and merit.

These PhD scholarships cover the tuition fees for the program. Domestic students can qualify for an annual stipend. International students may also qualify for stipends under extreme circumstances if funding allows. International students have the option to seek additional funding to cover the expense of living. These PhD scholarships last for a duration of 3-6 years. Each of these PhD scholarships have their own set of rules including deadlines. It is important for the student to determine their own deadlines and submit all their paperwork prior to deadline.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Arts: 25 scholarships

  • Classics and Ancient Histories
  • English Language and Applied Linguistics

Biological and Medical Science: 213 scholarships

  • Building the Bridge Between Tort Law and Epidemiology: On the Development of Forensic Epidemiology and its Application to Questions of Causation in Tort Law
  • 3D Cellular Morphodynamics of Plant Growth

Business and Finance: 15 scholarships

  • Eco-Innovation, Environmental Policy, and International Competitiveness
  • Labour Market Policy Issues Relating to Population Ageing, Gender and/or Ethnicity

Chemical Science: 124 scholarships

  • Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy
  • A Zero Carbon Bio-Process for Clean Hydrogen Energy

Earth Science: 57 scholarships

  • Cold Tolerance and Overwintering Survival of Insects
  • Molecular Networks Controlling Spore Germination in Plants and Algae

Engineering: 91 scholarships

  • Cell-Cell Interactions During Bio-Film Mediated Biocatalysts
  • Edible Materials for Addictive Manufacturing

Humanities: 77 scholarships

  • Gender and Feminist Research Agenda for Big Data and Society
  • Origin and Early Evolution of Pterosaurs: The First True Vertebrate Fliers

Law: 5 scholarships

  • Planning for the Future: Legal Decision Making and Dementia
  • Understanding Legal and Moral Issues

Math and Computing: 71 scholarships

  • Doctoral Training in Population and Statistics Genomics
  • Doctoral Training in Systems Biology of Receptor Signaling

Physical Science: 76 scholarships

  • Characterization of Novel DNA Damage Response Protein
  • Investigating Brain Cancer Metabolism for Faster Diagnosis and Treatment

Social Science and Health: 148 scholarships

  • Extending Working Lives, Retirement Decisions, Barriers to Work and Motivation for Working Longer than 50 years
  • A Source of Nitrous Acid in Antarctic Snow: Understanding the Self Cleansing Capacity of Air Above the Snow Packs

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