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Online PhD Degree Programs – Joint PhD Programs

Joint PhD Programs – Overview

Distance PhD Programs have developed many branches over the years due to constant demand for higher distance education, and while the main types can be categorized into three—PhD by Publications, Split Site PhD, and PhD by External Registration—there are other endeavours by various universities around the world that join together and launch Online PhD or Joint PhD programs.

Joint PhD Programs GraduationJoint PhD programs are efforts of two or three universities banding together to offer a list of PhD courses individuals can take from any of the participating universities. Such programs use the facilities of any of the participating schools. Though they may not be quite as ‘online’ as other distance PhD Programs, they still do provide the mobility modern times require from international students. The Joint Doctor of Philosophy on Educational Studies by the University of Windsor, Lakehead University, Brock University, and the University of Western Ontario is one example of joint PhDs.

Joint PhD Programs – Course and Procedure

Joint PhD Programs Graduation ProcessionIn their program, the candidate for PhD’s ‘home university’ is the university of his dissertation supervisor. He may or may not be required to visit the home university, and may use the facilities of any or all the universities participating in the joint effort. There can even be a possibility of dual honours or awards granted to a candidate by two of the participating universities, especially if the candidate was supervised jointly by the home university and the university he does most of his research and degree work in.

Joint PhD Programs – Significance

In some cases, the joint PhD programs can become much like online PhD Program in that if the candidate cannot work on his degree in one of the participating universities, he needs only to purchase the software and gain internet connectivity needed to partake in the course. Of course physical attendance will still be required in activities such as the oral defence or examination of the candidate’s dissertation or thesis.

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