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Online PhD UK-PhD by publications in UK universities

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Online PhD UK – Preparing Yourself for PhD by Publications

On this blog of Online PhD UK, one of the PhDs which I specifically want to mention is “PhD by publications”.

Online PhD UK Cardiff University Graduation Ceremony PhD by publication is one of the PhD Degree programs by various UK universities that allow the student or candidate to submit a thesis that contains previously published articles of research. This program has been actually developed for those researchers who are currently working as academic faculty members. As compared to UK, in many European Universities, it is quite norm for students to submit PhD by publication before they can even submit their own researched thesis.

Pre-admission Requirement – Online PhD UK

The main objective of PhD by publication program is to recognise the contribution of the specific established researcher in their respective field. If you are already doing an academia job and conducting your research as part of your job than this route of PhDs will be the most suitable for you. You have to make sure that your publications has been published in recognised journals (of your area) or in the shape of book chapters or a book. After accepting your application on the course, most universities require you that you will be registered for one year full time or two years part time course. In those one or two years, university will provide you a supervisor to write a critical appraisal of your published work. (mostly 5000 to 10000 words) After one year (full time) or two years (Part- time) an oral examination will be conducted. (like in all other conventional PhDs).

Save Money and Time – Online PhD UK

If you are not residing in United Kingdom and looking for a cheaper way to do your PhD from a recognised UK university than PhD by publication can be one for you. It is true to say that this kind of PhD can be considered as distance PhD in UK as there is no compulsory residency requirement for most universities but all the time contact your future supervisor for any specific restrictions. In this way you will be paying only one year of university fee, without adding any additional high UK residential costs (Rent, food etc).

Advice for International Candidates

One very important point: If you are already enrolled in a different PhD program either in UK or another university; you cannot avail of PhD by publication simultaneously.

Online PhD UK Graduation CeremoniesIt is true that PhD by publication is most suitable for academic candidates but if you have a degree (masters degree for most Asian countries) and want to pursue PhD by published work in future, than stay in contact with your university professors and start doing your research to publish research papers in your area for future possibilities to get a PhD by publication. Although I must say that it is quite difficult route but if you have a passion for research and you have a right person (your university tutor or research mentor) to guide (helping you to submit your papers in a recognised journal) than in a few years of time you will be able to enter in UK university for PhD by publications.

List of UK Universities to offer PhD by Publications

At the moment University of Glamorgan, City University , University of Bolton (only available for Materials Scientists and Engineers) and Staffordshire University are awarding PhD by Publications. In coming weeks with our blog Online PhD UK, I will bring more information about PhD by publications by UK universities and around the world. So check this blog everyday and if you like our blog, please make as your favorite on facebook or twitter or simply bookmark it for future use.

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