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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Indonesia

Online PhD Degree Programs and Universities in Indonesia

The Indonesian government has tasked itself with improving the quality of the country’s higher education program, as a response to the mushrooming of poor quality degree programs. This is good news for those who want to take online PhD degree programs from Indonesian universities, since it ensures that such degrees will adhere to strict quality control standards set by the government and makes it more likely they will be recognized outside of Indonesia.

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation Process

At present, Indonesia has over 2,000 private-sector universities that are issuing degrees without the approval of the National Board for Higher Education Accreditation, which is tasked to develop and implement an accreditation system for tertiary and advanced education programs.

The Board has set a five-year ‘accreditation validity period’ for each undergraduate program. During this period, a team of assessors will assess academic degree programs from all levels, from undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees to advanced programs, including online PhD degree programs, to see if they meet quality standards.

Assessment will be done based on the school’s learning system, the academic atmosphere and graduation standards. Graduates will also be monitored to see how long it takes for them to find employment.

Online PhD Degree Programs in Indonesian Universities

For advanced degree courses, the assessors will examine the publications and thesis work of Master’s and Doctoral candidates, as well as the research records of university lecturers. Indonesian universities are required to start and maintain a database containing data on each of these assessment areas. The Board hopes to clean the higher education system of unaccredited undergraduate courses by 2012. This means that degrees earned through online PhD degree programs of Indonesian universities will be more readily accepted abroad, since the country’s academic standards would be elevated by this endeavor.

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