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Online PhD UK – Accreditation of UK Universities

Online PhD UK and Importance of Accreditation

A recent report revealed that some 271 fake universities offering bogus degrees were found to be operating in the UK despite recent efforts by the government to shut down their operations.

Online PhD UK University of ManchesterThis development points out the need for those seeking online PhD UK degree programs from British universities to exercise vigilance, since many of these counterfeit universities target foreign students. Even claims by a university offering online programs that they are accredited should be scrutinized carefully, since the ‘accreditation agencies’ may also be unrecognized by the government or other official bodies tasked to oversee the higher education sector.

Online PhD UK and Accreditation Bodies in UK

There are four recognized accreditation bodies in the UK: The Privy Council, which accredits universities and publicly-funded institutions of higher education, and the Accreditation Service for International Colleges, British Accreditation Council and The British Council (for English language training), which are tasked with accrediting private sector colleges. A higher educational institution accredited by one of these bodies is deemed to be genuine and students can confidently earn their qualifications from them.

Online PhD UK University of NottinghamThose seeking distance PhD degrees should also look for educational institutions that are accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC), a body which was originally set up by the government but now has independent status. Accreditation is open to schools offering degrees through various off-campus learning modalities, including home study, distance learning, e-learning and part-time or flexible learning courses. Apart from a list of accredited providers, the ODLQC website also offers an online buyers guide that helps foreign students locate the online PhD UK course that is appropriate for their needs.

Prominent Universities for Online PhD UK

As mentioned above, there are several UK universities offering online PhD UK, part-time, split-site or external Registration PhDs. we have just included a few names here (for rest you must check our website thoroughly). University of Nottingham, University of Manchester, University of Bolton, City University and University of Wales Lampeter.

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