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Tips-Writing Your First Research Paper

We all know that a PhD degree program requires a lot of research on the subject matter that interest you. Your research work is also crucial in your studies as it serves as the culmination of your doctoral degree before you may obtain your diploma. This is why, you have to write your research paper properly and scholarly in a way that your research supervisor and other readers of your work will have an interest to read it from start ‘til end knowing that it is usually written from 10-20 pages. Too difficult it may seem, but it can be achievable. Below are some tips in effectively writing your research paper:

  • Have enough time to work on your research paper for a minimum of one month to gather library research as well as the necessary materials. Most of the time should be spent for its organization. You have to keep track on your time schedule by listing the time you have worked for the day as well as the days left for you to work on.
  • You have to select an interesting question or topic for your research that is in the sphere of your own preference. The topic should be receptive as well as discerning frame. Your question should explore your topic’s what, who, why, where, and how. Prevent too broad topics, instead select one that will definitely make your research difficult to contain. You should keep every element of your research under control.
  • Begin your research paper with strong thesis statement by keeping it simple, making it specific, ensuring that your idea will work.
  • Look for potential sources to your thesis question that may be categorized into primary and secondary sources. Primary research sources focus on original documents or collecting data in your field of specification, while secondary sources are those that allow you to find on what others need to learn about certain topic.
  • Make use of a wide range of research sources to back your question. Take into consideration the availability of various methods on how you may be able to attain your secondary research materials. You may use the databases of your library, peruse periodicals and newspapers, or browse the Internet and search for websites providing information on your topic. However, you have to be cautious and wary because there are many unscrupulous websites providing inauthentic content. Make certain that these sites are well-established and are reputable such as those with address ending in .gov, .org or .edu. in doing your web search, you have to refine your keyword searches since search engines differ depending on their specific usage.
  • Be familiarized with the libraries where you will be getting resources for your research paper. Take note of the systems of these libraries since each of them has its own reference materials system.
  • Make an outline for your research paper and then write your first draft. You should take into account your introduction, the points you have to address, the order of these points, and the conclusion of your PhD research.

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