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PhD Scholarships – University of Otago New Zealand

One of the most established universities located in the Australasian region is the University of Otago in New Zealand.   This university, having its main campus in Dunedin, also has other smaller campuses in Wellington and Auckland.  According to past evaluations, the University of Otago got the highest average research quality and, in 2006, topped the Performance Based Research Fund in New Zealand.  This makes the University of Otago a primary choice amongst other universities in the Australasia region.

There is a variety of race and culture that compose this university because of its diverse population.  Its students usually come from Asia and Europe and the reason being is that the University of Otago offers quite a number of phd scholarships to both local and foreign students that can meet the university’s scholarship requirements.  Prior to discussing the requirements to access the university’s scholarship funds, it is good to know the university’s various departments and programs.  University of Otago has four main divisions: the Division of Sciences Departments, the Division of Health Sciences Departments, the Division of Humanities Departments, and the School of Business Departments.  Each of these divisions offers an array of courses that can suit every student’s need.

In the Division of Health Sciences Departments, the courses offered are mainly focused on health care such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Public Health to mention a few.  In the Division of Sciences Departments, the courses offered revolve around the Applied Sciences and the General Sciences.  For the Division of Humanities Departments, some of the main programs it offers are Anthropology, History, Law, Politics, Sociology, and Film.  Lastly, in the School of Business Departments, the programs it offers are Entrepreneurship, Accountancy, Economics, Management, and so on.

With the number of programs under each division (There are about 181 slots are offered for the scholarship program so applicants need not worry), it is quite definite that an interested student may find a program of interest.   With the generous number of programs offered in the University of Otago comes a generous amount of scholarship grants.  These scholarship grants which includes phd scholarships are not only open to local students from New Zealand but also international students.   It is therefore important to know the university’s requirements in terms of selecting potential phd students who will receive scholarships.  Three of the main requirements given by the University of Otago to students who are applying for a phd scholarships are: 1) The applicant wishes to study fulltime, 2) The applicant is about to embark on its first Phd degree, and 3)  The applicant submitted are academic credentials and reached a certain academic merit.  A special scholarship program is also given to applicants who have a Pacific Island descent; however the requirements are the same as the regular scholarship program for international students.  International applicants may submit the requirements and scholarship application forms at any time.  International students who are currently enrolled in University of Otago may still apply for a phd scholarship.

Aside from knowing the different doctoral programs offered and the scholarship requirements, it is also vital to know what monetary support each of the scholars get from the university.  The university generally has a deep well worth about $15M of funds to give to its scholars.  For that reason, the university takes pride of the level of generosity they can share to eligible students.  Each scholar receives NZ$25,000 stipend per year including domestic tuition waiver.  This, however, does not include fees such as insurance and student services.

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